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Hi, I'm Debbie - debbier - 06-14-2017

I just signed up to this site.  I have ordered clothing from this site and it is fabulous.  I really think this company is awesome.  I would really like to meet some of you beautiful woman.

i really look toward a transformation. i know they are really professional. It's time for me to feel like a real woman. I can't wait.

I need to come out and be the woman I am

RE: Hi, I'm Debbie - JodieLynne - 06-14-2017

Welcome to the forums Debbie! There are so many great girls here to help you on your journey!


RE: Hi, I'm Debbie - yvonne - 06-15-2017

Hello and welcome!

RE: Hi, I'm Debbie - Dawna - 06-15-2017

(06-15-2017, 06:05 AM)yvonne Wrote: Hello and welcome!
Debbie , I'm Dawna . Welcome to the Forum . you will meet a lot of like-minded , friendly people here . Take care and stay safe , Dawna . Heart

RE: Hi, I'm Debbie - debbier - 06-15-2017

thanks, for all the positive support. l love you all.