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Black - JOSIE N - 08-31-2018

Love these pumps

RE: Black - Anne - 09-01-2018

Love those black pumps Josie.  I'd love to see you in a sexy black dress with black stockings and those pumps.

RE: Black - gethin - 09-11-2018

Love those pumps.
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RE: Black - HeatherInHeels - 12-09-2022

Super hot!!!❤️ I’d be so slutty in those ❤️❤️

RE: Black - Heather Smith - 12-09-2022

Love them! I need to buy another pair - had to purge and downsize ............but, still need a pair like those!

Hugs Heather

RE: Black - Suzy - 12-09-2022

Hi ladies - if you want to find fashionable and inexpensive shoes try Nordstrom’s by the Rack!  The have sizes up to 13!  I wear a size 10 womens shoe.  Here I am a couple of months ago trying on pumps!  Hugs, Suzy

RE: Black - caylakling - 12-16-2022

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