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Text erasing - Suzy - 08-11-2019

is it my IPad or your site?  At times when I post a thread, and go backwards to correct something, the cursor will starts going backwards wiping out whole sentences all by itself.  How can this be corrected? Thanks

RE: Text erasing - MichelleL - 08-12-2019

Suzy, I have a laptop that does the same damn thing. In my case it is the stupid trackpad, that when my hand gets close to it while typing, the cursor will move and I don't notice it until I have wiped out a bunch of text. I never have an issue when using my computer. Hugs, Michelle

RE: Text erasing - MichelleL - 08-12-2019

Suzy, I think you are on to something. Granted I have been away for a bit (far too long), but the forum is sure acting a bit differently. Posts seem to take a bit to show up, etc. Oh well, I'm sure they will work themselves out at some point. Hugs, Michelle Heart Heart