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Attaching pics - Kylie95 - 09-11-2020

<p>Having trouble posting pictures to the thread.. any tips?</p>

RE: Attaching pics - Bernice - 09-11-2020

Posting Pics has not worked in several weeks. Admin has so far ignored reports .

RE: Attaching pics - Anne - 09-14-2020

<p>I agree with Bernice.&nbsp; I have sent multiple emails to the Admin about problems with the Forum and have received no response at all.</p>

RE: Attaching pics - JennR - 07-11-2021

Thank you for reporting these issues. We have had some problems with the Forum software. If you continue to have trouble with anything, please report them to me directly.

RE: Attaching pics - Bernice - 07-11-2021


Thank you, looks like it's fixed

RE: Attaching pics - krisroq - 07-12-2021

(09-11-2020, 01:52 PM)Kylie95 Wrote: <p>Having trouble posting pictures to the thread.. any tips?</p>
1. do you see an error description at the top of the page ? 2. have you tried a different browser ( im using opera) 3.you could try resizing your images to less then 500kb which i used to have to do but i just posted 5 images at original size 4. what image types are they you may have to convert them if they are bmp. or other raw image types (usually from a cell phone or like gopro types of cameras)     i attached a jpg image to show image uploading works (also my behind is spectacular and ima shareer lol)