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How to size high heels?? - eryka - 09-27-2012

Hi All,
I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out the correct shoe size to order? I'm new to all of this and I'm interested in some nice pumps with 4 inch heels but I wear a men's 10.5 and can't figure out what women's size to order? What i've found out on this great site is if I were a size 10, I'd order a women's size 12 pump but what about my half size?

Re: How to size high heels?? - suzy1 - 09-28-2012

I normally just buy one full size larger than my male size. I.e., I wear a size 9 men shoe, so I buy size 10 ladies. This works for me for high heels, flats, sandals, etc. Sometime in a high heel I might opt for a wide version. Also, and I know this might be tough for some, but I usually try on a shoe at the store before I purchase.
Hope this helps - Suzy

Re: How to size high heels?? - Tranny Jerri - 09-28-2012

If the toe section is pointed , I would say 12.5 . If you have a little space on your men's 10.5 or the toe section is flat ( not pointed ), then size 12 should fit based on my experience . I hope this helps you .

Re: How to size high heels?? - eryka - 10-14-2012

Thanks for your advice!

Re: How to size high heels?? - TrishaCD2011 - 10-31-2012

I have found that even though I wear a size 13 male shoe comfortably, I typically can order a female size 14 and in the LeDame I have ordered size thirteen, but have found that since I wear much thinner hose in womens shoes I have need to order in a size 12 in LaDame. I have had to order and return. Try them on right away and if they don't fit send them back for a more comfortable fit. Either way it is somewhat trial and error to get the right size.

Re: How to size high heels?? - eryka - 11-23-2012

Ok, thanks for the advice...

Re: How to size high heels?? - liseely - 09-06-2013

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