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My start was looking at women's clothes at age 10 and grew to wanting to wear them when I was 12. I had to stay quiet about that and wanting to partially change gender because of comments I heard in school and elsewhere about gay people - none of them good , and I never heard about people changing their sex.I manage to keep my desire from a girlfriend I had in high school but broke up with her because of it. It wasn't until I bought a house in 1998 that I could crossdress. About 2 years ago ,I started my transition .I'm currently a 38b and it's a perfect size to have for me,they are easy to hide when I have to .

I might add I'm 48 and haven't dated since high school, I never felt the need. I'm also a virgin , again never felt the need.At the rate I'm going , I'll probably stay dateless and a virgin for the rest of my life .
where are you from ???
Hello - Part 2
I live in the Miami Valley in Ohio .My comments reflect where the area is with it . Back in the late 70's and early 80's gay people had to be in the closet , today it's no big deal .Crossdressing always been accepted for those who where in theater or in a band or as part of a comedy routine ,otherwise on a stage .Changing gender wasn't talked about back then or now .For that reason , I'll continue to be quiet about it .
Hello - Part 3

When I first started back in 1998 , I bought some things at Goodwill and garage sales.I had some friends give me some items also ( hard to beat free ). As my confidence grew ,I went to Walmart and Elder-Beerman also . I've been a regular Janet's Closet web site customer for the past 4 years and ebay for 2 years .

I would say my tastes would be a mix of vintage and casual for everyday wear . Around family members I would wear regular jeans and a woman's top that was uni-sex in appearance . I save my dresses and suites for in my house or at a party . If I lost 20 - 25 pounds ( side effect of hormones ) , I would have an easier time passing and could wear a size medium for dresses and tops instead of large .
I applaud your decision to finally follow your inner desire. I takes a lot of guts to act upon them considering the attitudes we were both brought up into as youngsters. I have allways secretly wanted more femminine breasts but unfortunately I must live in my real world. You surely must understand what kind of inner struggle it is. That's why I contacted you. Take care now.
Hi, A friend of mine told me about Janet's Closet and I Googled it. I'm glad I did. Sometime soon my girl friend and I will stop in. I hope that wig sale is still on when we go.
I'm 60 yrs. old. But have failed to achieve the maturity that that many years would require.
I've been playing with silky things all my life and started wearing make up and wigs off and on about 20 or so years ago.
I like socializing, wine, cigarettes, quiet times. And much much more.
I live alone with my dog Maggie. I talk a lot. I already have a lover so I'm not out looking for sex. I would like to have more cross dressing girl friends for socializing. I'm not much into the bar scene but I am planning on going to GiGi's this weekend.
I just registered here a few minutes ago and haven't explored this site much. I didn't see many pictures. I'm posting one of myself.
Let's chat.
wow and i thought i was the only one i also been dateless and virgin and havent had the need now im 30 still now i have no need to date as well so im facing that fact and same reasons mine was mostly being raised by women and being arround them so i kind of wanted to relate with them with them as well.
Thank you, everyone for keeping the lines of communication going on topics like this! We apologize for any lag that there was in topics or responses being "made live".

The settings on the board had to be changed and we are happy to say that EVERYONE CAN OPENLY TALK NOW and that we are on top of removing the Spam and keeping Janet's Closet's Forum a great place to be!

-Janet's Closet IT Department Manager; Mike.
thanks admin---the site is improved--you rock.

GURLS----As I read the posts you put up I get the idea that you really don't like being men. Is that so?
The reason I ask is that I get mixed up sometimes about which way I like best--boy or gurl. Also I feel fairly limited when dressed. It's a tuff secret to keep and other than sashaying around the house or going to a cd friendly bar there isn't much else to do. Socializing with other dressers is fun but we're so far and few between.
On the other hand---as a guy I get to go any where I want and do anything I want. But I have all these cute outfits.
I'm confused.
Maybe if there was a strong woman in my life , I wouldn't be a virgin . At this point , I don't know which way I go .

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