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Suggestions for a better Forum & Webstore!
Hi All, I hope you don't mind if I throw a few ideas out there.
For the Forums:
A more active moderation team. To eliminate/remove the spam posts, and answer questions left on the forums.

For the webstore:
1 - more views of the items. Show us how 'that' dress looks from the back, as well as the front!
2 - Updates on when out of stock items are expected to be re-stocked ( you could post that info on the Forums, AND the website for the store.
3 - An option to increase the amount of items displayed on a page. Many webstores allow you to "show all" on one page.
4 - that moving "scroll down for more' is really distracting, and perhaps unnecessary.

These are just some ideas I had to improve, the sites. But only because I care, and want to see both the forums and the store thrive.  Heart Heart Smile

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Suggestions for a better Forum & Webstore! - by JodieLynne - 11-28-2016, 11:46 PM

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