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Sexual preference when I'm femm
Too long, but...
Top or bottom? I agree with several other posts, it does not matter to you or your lover. Let it flow. Formulaic lovemaking takes me back to high school when I had no experience, and had a mental check list to run through. I am the same person years later, and still had a notion of lists on every new experience. Then I had a lover with an even more detailed list and was frustrated by her intense focus on proper performance, not enjoyment. As we shared, I got her to throw her list away and discover herself in a flow of passion and feelings.

As I slipped on my panties the first time, I realized I was mentally creating new lists. I stopped myself and said, “Feel, sense, flow.” The first time I met someone in lingerie, I felt like a man wearing woman’s underthings. Had fun, but nothing special. While reading a post here last week, I agreed with a comment that when dressed I wanted to be pleased as a woman, not a horny old goat getting off. It was a revelation to me though I had been living with that freedom for several years.

I realized that in the past several years my mental process had caught up with me emotions. I wanted to be a woman, I felt the penetration as a woman might (I cannot really know), whether on top or bottom, being the aggressor at the moment or submissively letting him lead, for the moment.

Two weeks ago, I rented a room when I was feeling really horny. I slipped into thigh highs, a thong, a matching open shelf bra, and a see through cover. I applied light makeup, enough to show I intended to please but not really made up, and put on a short brown/gray wig. And I waited, hoping.

The first guy answering the post looked shocked, disappointed and took an oral gift. Another guy played along and was more satisfying with a passionate anal. But he was not committed. The third guy kept texting saying he was on his way. I needed to start getting ready to leave, but stayed. He knocked, and when he entered he said I was a divine creature. He treated me like a woman in every way, most importantly, emotionally. I melted. I was so happy, and top and bottom both worked equally as well.

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