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long story ,but true
Years ago when I lived alone, I had a lady next door who I would say was very open minded.
One night i woke up and looked out my window , finding to my pleasure she was just getting out of her pool and in her driveway drying off naked the back door light was on so you could see everything.
Nice body tits and shaved pussy and ass. She would leave her bikini hanging on fence, after awhile i would go out and put it on and fill it .When her husband a few years later filed for divorce, she started to leave her bed room blinds open.
I watched her for months being naked , one night i thought she was asleep and i turned on my light and started to play at the window, to my surprise she turned on her light and watched. This went on for a while she would use her toys and we would get off.
She would have to go to work early in the morning and I would watch as she got ready. One morning I thought lets match her piece for piece, bra ,panties, nylons.skirt or dress , but i never let her see.
When she would be ready to leave the house i would get naked fast and stand at window, she would always blow akiss
One holiday weekend I knew it was going to quite, everyone next door was going out of town, we always let each other know so someone was watching the houses.
That night i thought " everyone gone so I can dress  and go out in yard and be me". So  put on a red nighty and hose and red heels and went outside. After a while I felt so relaxed dressed and being free.
Much to my surprise the next thing I know are headlights in her driveway. IT WAS HER, I froze not knowing what to do. Lucky for me she got out and went in the house, she never saw me, I ran into the house as soon as I could and went to window and watch her, I was still dressed. I watched as she was using her toy and as she came arched her back, I just exploded in my nighty with out any playing.
A few weeks later was alone in my house again time to be able to dress. So put on the black bra and panties, french cut nylons (sheer of course ) and black dress and heels, I was feeling at my best . I could walk the walk all I wanted.
Again Dummy me forgot to close my curtain, remember its night and the lights are on.
I was in living room and had to adjust my nylons , so i had dress up and hose down in  panties and happen to look at open window as i put dress back down. Now I had been there for at least 3mins doing this. Yep there she was at kitchen window, looking right at me. Again froze for what seem like forever.She waved
I thought I was caught for SURE!!!
I called her later to see what she saw, to my surprise she didnt have glasses on and could only see alittle
After that i always wanted to show her and tell her  how I had always used her bikini.and dressed
She moved away with out me ever being able to do so , but i do always remember those night and what could have been my real coming out

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