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What to do about natural hair?
(12-21-2018, 06:42 PM)MichelleL Wrote:
(12-21-2018, 07:46 AM)Anne Wrote:
(12-21-2018, 06:48 AM)MichelleL Wrote: Good morning gurls..... As I start to look for a wig, what should i do about the actual hair on my head? What is the best length to have of my natural hair? My current hair is thinning but what hasn't is kind of full, but not long. Would i be correct in assuming shorter is better? Hugs, Michelle
Hi Michelle,
I have watched videos of women with long hair who bundle it up in the back for wearing a wig.  I don't see how that works cos to me, it's a mass of hair that would create a lump underneath the wig, right?
For me, I'm thinning pretty good on the backside of the top of my head.  I have my hair cut real short to accommodate a wig.  I've read suggestions about wearing a wigcap but I've done just fine without a wigcap….just my tomboy cut wig on my head/hair.  Because I love my tomboy cut wig, it's important for me to have my hair cut short so it doesn't peek out from underneath my wig.  If you are going with a longer hair wig, getting your hair cut short is probably not as critical as it is for me.  You might have to experiment a little bit with the length of haircut.   If you tell your barber you are looking for a shorter cut, they'll discuss it and work it out with you.
Anne, thanks dear. That's what i was thinking too. But I've never owned, nor worn, a wig, so i figured I'd ask so I didn't do something I would regret. And I love the Cindy Off Black (50% grey) wig. I think that would look best for me for the style of it, and the color. Maybe it will look so good on me that men will be beating a path to my door. Hey, a gurl can dream, can't she. Thanks again, Michelle
Hi Michelle,
If you go to the posts under Photography (go under favorite outfits), and then go to my post from October 7th of this year (I think it is titled Looking elegant), you will see a good pic of me in my grey Tomboy wig in my cocktail dress.

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