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Feet and Toes and TOENAILS
(12-23-2018, 08:42 PM)Stacia Wrote: Well, I had a girl experience. Bought pantyhose ( the only size that will fit me right now). Scrunched them up to slip over my feet and my rough, ragged toenails promptly snagged and ran both legs. Now, I am only under-dressing right now, so no one would see. But me. ( I do have decent legs, marred by these RUNS). So I need to get busy and get my feet in decent shape. I will be going to Florida in March and wearing sandals. So I need advice on how to condition these feet and take care of these toenails so they look decent. And don't snag my nylons!


Stacia, yep, those horrid runs. I have been keeping my toenails trimmed and as rounded as I can make them. I also make sure my toes are curled inward when i slide my stockings on over my feet. Luckily I don't have callouses on my heels like some do, but there is an 'egg' shaped device, i have either seen or heard about, that is supposed to help with those. And moisturizer is good too. I moisturize my feet, calves, and thighs twice a day; after a shower in the morning, and right before bed. And i make sure my legs are free of any stubble. Hugs, Michelle

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