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Fictional Story - The Transition Pill - Chapter 1 The Introduction
I thought I would try my hand at writing a fictional story.  I got the idea from a thread someone started at CDH about a transition pill that allows one to temporarily change their gender.  Or will it be temporary?  I am posting this on my FETLIFE profile page so you can follow/read future chapters there if you like.  If it appears the demand is there, I will repost future chapters here besides my FETLIFE page.  Here is chapter 1.

It was just another day, I thought to myself.  I was driving down the road in my Tesla XKE.  I love this cherry red all-electric sportster.  It got 1,000 miles to the charge and went 0 to 60 in 4.6 seconds.  So many advances in technology.  I felt like the gurl I should be as I zipped along the highway in a sportster that screamed hot chick inside...if I only I were the hot chick.  So many advances in medicine too.  HIV and AIDS were in the past.  They discovered a cure for the common cold.  Most cancers were cured or preventable.  But here I was wearing DD breastforms in a blouse and a skater skirt.  3” heels pressed down on the accelerator.  If only they had a cure for what ailed me inside...that lingering hurt that never ebbed, always there like pouring salt on an open wound that never healed.  How I wish I could be the hot chick, smartly dressed in a blouse filled with natural breasts and a skirt pulled tight over hips and ass that made men cry out for just one touch.  A face that would launch a thousand ships just like that beauty in Greek stories...yes, Helen of Troy was her name.  Steve is my name.  At 62 years old, I figured I was just living out my years, trying to make each day as happy as possible.  I was dying to live.  Or was I just living to die? Just another day I told myself until I heard the ad….
“Tired of being the same old dreary self.  Wishing you could be the someone that is screaming to come out of their shell.  Well, come to Transformation Services Express and let us turn you into that someone else.”
That sounds interesting I thought as I dialed the number.  I made an appointment and got in the next day to see the salesman at TSE, Inc.
It was sunny when I strolled into TSE and the salesman gave me the spiel about the company...hmmm could this be a positive sign?  They were a genetics bio company that developed a pill that could alter your DNA cell structure for a number of days until it wore off.  They could adjust the results to narrow the results to meet the customer’s desires.  Of course, everything had a price.  It was like a smorgasbord checklist of body alterations.  Damn expensive I thought to myself.  The salesman never spoke about the ability to change gender.  He primarily spoke about changing your height, weight, strength, looks.  I’m not sure this is going the way I hoped it would.   I’m thinking to myself that I want a main entree that changes me into a genetic female.   Go ahead, add on all the ale carte options from there.
I had vaguely heard of this firm but did not know anyone who tried them.  Perhaps, many had tried but didn’t reveal it.  I wanted to be a woman so what harm could come from trying it at a cheap base level.  I figured that I could give it a try, just to see if it really works.  My wife was gone on an overseas trip for work.  She would be gone for six months so if I did this for a couple days...hell, she would never know.  How I wanted badly to tell her that I wanted HRT and GRS to make me the woman I wanted to be.  But I lived in fear of the rejection I would receive so I suffered...alone.  If I tried this, at least I could get a brief reprieve from the internal pain and loneliness I felt.
So we got down to business.  “I want to take a pill that changes me to a woman.”
“Hmmm, I’m not sure we’ve never done that before.  Usually, we get requests for bodily changes like men getting bigger muscles or women trying out bigger breasts, things like that.  I suppose we can do that.  Let me check.”
So the salesman leaves for a few minutes and comes back, happy as can be.  I know it’s a yes or he wouldn’t be so damn happy.
“Yep, we can do it.” So he tells me what it will cost for a basic transition and I become all the more excited for more details.
“Ok. I want to become a woman but I don’t want to spend too much.”
“Well, the base price is for a 2-day pill.  You will change into a woman for 48 hours.  You will be the same age.  But if you upgrade, we can make you a younger woman and alter some other characteristics.”
“Well, I’m unsure that I’ll be satisfied with the results.  How do I know what size breasts I’ll have?”
“The base price provides you with your basic A cup breasts.  Then your price options increase as you go up in size.  More for B cup, even more for C cup and so on.”
“So I could go with H cups if I wanted?”
“Seems excessive to me but you could.  I would think your average B or C cup size would be just fine.”  He’s not that good of a salesman, I think to myself, or he would be upselling me to large breasts.
How many times had I fantasized about natural DD’s on my chest.  The option to go with DD’s sure was pricey, I thought.  “I think to try this out, I’ll pay the extra for B cups.  So how does your pill handle getting younger and how does that affect me physically?”
“Based on your DNA, which we will obtain from a blood draw, the pill will be prepared with a youth prescription that will reverse your aging effects for the number of years that you want to reverse.  We can take you back one year, two years….40, 50 years if you like.  The condition of your skin, hair, internal organs, all of your bodily tissue will reverse in age.”
So he gives me the per year price to reverse my age.   Holy shit, I think to myself, that is damn expensive.  Expensive?  Hell yes, but worth it to me, IF IT REALLY WORKS!!  Sure I can afford this.  I was successful in my career and saved up a bundle of money.  I was never one of those extravagant people that had to flaunt their wealth in everyone’s face.  I retired at 60 and probably could have retired earlier.   A medical scare prompted me to retire at 60 but it turned out to be a false alarm.  Yeah, I could have kept working but I was tired of the same old crap dished out by my employer so I politely told them to fuck off and I was done with that.  So what should I do?  Just try it as a 62 year old woman?  Become one of those 20 year old porn sluts like in the XXX industry?  Like I said, I’m not extravagant...I am careful with my money.  My fiscally modest nature was beneficial in some respects.  If I disappeared into society as a woman for a couple days, noone would notice.  I wasn’t some high profile personality. So I’ll take this transition back just enough years to test this out.
“Ok” I say to the salesman.  “I want to become a 50 year old woman.”
“50 years old? Ok, so that’s 12 years that we will reverse your age as a woman.”
As I had aged through life, how many times have I thought how nice it would be to be younger all over again.  At 40, I thought how nice it would be to be 30 again.  At 50, I would have loved just to be 40.  Hell now at 62, I’m thinking 50 will feel wonderful.   A good test to see if those wrinkles disappear and if the skin looks younger and the hair looks better too.
“Yes, 50 would be fine.  Hey, I just thought of something.  If I’m a woman and I have sex with a man, can’t I get pregnant?”
Now the salesman gets a bit snarky with me.  He knows he’s got the sale so he reveals a bit of his personality to me and I don’t like his attitude..  “What in the world have you got to be worried about?” he says.  “You’ll be an old, 50-year old post-menopausal woman.  No eggs left in your basket to knock you up!”
“Ok, but what if I want to be a 30-year old woman?  What then?”
“To avoid an unwanted pregnancy, the pharmaceutical will include a birth control agent so that you can have all the unprotected sex you want and not worry about getting knocked up.  So no worries my soon-to-be 50-year-old sweetheart.   Sure you don’t want to upgrade and become a beautiful 30-year-old?”  Yup, fucking attitude with this one.  If I didn’t want to try this so badly, I’d tell this guy to fuck off and charge out the door.
“Hey, 50 is good for me.  Does this pill feminize my facial features?”
The salesman is reading info off his computer screen, “yes, it states here that you will notice your features to become feminized.  Whereas a man has a more pronounced brow, cheekbone and jawline, as a woman, you will see a smoother, less pronounced brow and more feminine cheekbone and jawline.  Also, your deeper male vocal chords will reshape into higher octave pitched female vocal chords.  We wouldn’t want you to sound like a guy, would we?”
Damn, this guy is a real asshole, I think to myself.
“Hey, when I change, do I lose sense of my identity?  Will I remember who I am?”
“Your brain will change into that which is female appropriate so that your body functions as a normal female would.  You will retain the essence of who you are.  Whatever experiences you have as a woman, will stay with you.”
 “Ok, let’s run with this.  When can I get my transition pill and take it home with me?”
“Whoa, wait a minute.  Open your mouth for me.”
“What do you mean, open my mouth for you?”
“I need to check your dental structure.  Can you please open your mouth?”  Finally, this jerk talks politely so I open my mouth and he looks inside with a light.
“We will need to handle you as an overnite transition case.  Those are crowns in there, right?”   I nod affirmatively.
“Well, your dental situation makes this a bit more complicated” he says. “When you take the pill, your transition will reject the crowns, causing them to fall out.  The pill will cause your body to regenerate new teeth to replace the rejected crowns.  It’s actually a side benefit to doing this.  When you transiton back to a man, the new teeth stay with you.  We need you to stay with us to ensure you don’t accidentally choke on the rejected crowns.  Because the transition process can be painful, the pill will have a sleep agent to produce sleep.  That way you will sleep through the transition and not experience any pain.   It’s kind of nice, really.  You go to sleep as your old self, and wake up as your new self.”
So we go through the final costs of this.  Of course, it will cost me more now since they have to deal with me as an overnite case.   I make the payment arrangements.  I am in luck as they can handle me tomorrow as long as they get everything they need from the blood draw.
As part of the requisite paperwork, they ask me how I want to be identified.  “Anne Preuss.  I want to be called Anne Preuss.”  I love that name, Anne.  Sounds so prim and proper.  I like Preuss as a Prussian name to use in honor of my Prussian heritage.  My German ancestors must be rolling in their graves I think to myself, as the tech prepares a temporary identification chip for me so that I can drive and conduct transactions as needed without all the confusion created between my true identity and my temporary looks.
I check into their clinic, which is in the same building.  They do the blood draw and after an hour, they acknowledge they have all the required DNA and medical info on me.  I’m in luck!!! They can take care of me the next day.
I head home to prepare for the next day.  I’ve been cross dressing for awhile so I have a supply of clothing to pick from.  I need to pick clothing to wear after the transition so I pick out a nice pair of pink panties to wear.  I’m unsure how my ass and hips will turn out.  My existing pair of jeans might not fit at all so I grab a pair of sweat bottoms.  “With the tie waist, that should fit ok over my new ass and hips” I say to myself.   I grab a loose fitting long sleeve to wear with the other stuff.
Afterwards, I have a light meal for dinner.  I’m so nervous and excited, I can barely eat.  Fuck, I think to myself, I can’t believe I’m actually going to do this.
The next day arrives and I check into the clinic late that afternoon.  I throw my things into a locker and put on the smock that they give me.  Why do smocks always have to be the most embarrassing thing to wear?  I am led to a room with a bed.  A med tech enters and does the usual medical prep stuff, check pulse, check blood pressure.  Finally another tech arrives with the transition pill.
“Hello Steve.  My name is Jamie.  I will be giving you your pill and monitoring you through the night.”  I look at Jamie.  She is a nice looking brunette.  Difficult to say what her figure looks like...these med techs always wear those loose fitting scrubs.  But if I come through this looking like her, I would be happy with that.
“Hi Jamie.  Thank you.  I have to say I am a bit nervous.”
“That’s understandable.  This is a pretty big step you are taking.  Now all you need do is take the is a cup of water.  Then lie down on the bed we provided here.  We are going to strap you down so that you are in a position to avoid choking on those crowns.  The pill has a sleeping agent in it so you will feel sleepy after about a minute and fall asleep shortly after that.”
She puts the pill in my left hand and I stare at it.  I still cannot believe that I am doing this.  Shit, I’m going to become a woman.  Or is this all just a bullshit joke that someone is playing on me?  Well, there’s only one way to find out.  I toss the pill in my mouth, take a gulp of water and down the hatch it goes.  I want to say that it had an aftertaste of mint but I could have been imagining that.  I lie down on the bed.  Jamie and another tech position me on my side and strap me down.  It’s just as she described.  I am feeling groggy after a minute goes by.  I am wondering if the changes are instantaneous as I become more sleepy when I swear I hear the one tech say “I can’t believe we are trying this on him.  It’s never been done before.  I hope for his sake the docs know what they are doing.”  Then I drift off to sleep.

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