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The Transition Pill - Chapter 2 The First Transition
(09-19-2019, 07:48 PM)MichelleL Wrote: Anne, I sure wish that pill was real. I'd want the 175,200 hour pill though. In reading this, it got me thinking. You know, I probably wouldn't have minded the name calling so much, if the guy calling me the names, and I, had a relationship. But I think I would be hurt too being called that the first time with a guy. But I guess we will have to deal with that throughout our lives to some degree. So, if things go well in the business deal, you may beg to not have to transition back? Or if they all just say 'screw it, and treat you like a cheap steak with a hole in it', you may....... This is good, because it leaves me wondering where on earth you are going with this. Just what is running through that cute sexy mind of yours.... Love ya, Michelle Heart Heart

Michelle, I think you will enjoy what happens in Chapter 3 and the subsequent chapters.  I'm really getting into this and I intend to make this a continuing saga for as long as I care to.  There will be twists and turns to this for sure.  Sex, love, action, revenge will all come into play.

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