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First heel purchase from JC
(03-10-2022, 07:54 PM)CD_Drty070x Wrote: I have already purchased some boots with a 3" give or take block heel from amazon.  Also purchased a platform heel over the knee boot from amazon.  Since my wife is still trying to understand the over the knee boots have never been worn in public.  The ankle booties have been worn out a few times but she has made comments when I wear them.  I understand since I just came out as a CD.  I purchased them in a women's size 9.  I want to buy a pair from Janet's.  Do I buy the same size in regards to a pump/platform or do I up-size to the recommended two sizes to a women's size 10?  I should have added that I wear a size 8 shoe in my men's shoe.


Hi - for me I need to try on shoes before I purchase them.  Going up one size in a woman’s shoe size doesn’t always work for me.  So when I am out shoe shopping I always dress as a woman and never buy on-line. One place I love is Nordstrom’s by the Rack.  They have tons of shoes and they also come in half sizes, like a 10 1/2 which what I wear.  Here I am at my local Nordstrom’s.  Good luck!  Hugs, Suzy

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