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Very new
(03-08-2024, 12:48 PM)Curiousandcute Wrote: Hey everyone I'm very new at this.  I'm just your average younger athletic guy. I've allways been curious about wearing panties and yoga pants and a bra. It makes me feel super sexy and idk difrent than normal. I'd love to make a few friends that I can discretly talk to about things. Maybe even a friend where I could dress st there place and we could talk. That's it I will make a profile and it will be nice to meet everyone here

Welcome to the family we are a very supportive group Ive made a buch of friends let me rephrase that Ive gained a bunch of sisters they have been very supportive and have brought me from just pics of my outfits to actually showin my face I love all my sisters feel fre to add me as a friend

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