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Working toward my true self
Hi everyone, my name is Allena and I'm slowly and cautiously finding my true self. I would truly love to be the girl I feel inside me but due to my life as of now it's a very guarded journey. I buy bras, panties etc every chance I get when out of town working, only to throw them away so I don't get caught. I would love to have a girlfriend I could talk to and share my thoughts and dreams. One last thing, is it normal for me to feel scared, aroused and excited when I purchase my things, I always feel someone is watching me, then my heart flutters and I calm down once I put on a bra and a pair of panties

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Working toward my true self - by Allena - 04-07-2024, 08:30 PM
RE: Working toward my true self - by CanuckGirl - 04-08-2024, 12:41 PM
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