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Working toward my true self
Hey girl welcome to the family. We've all been there at some point in our journey. I still get all nervous and shy about buying stuff in person. Its all part of the journey. We all progress at different rates and honestly if it were'nt for finding Janets and all the girls in the forum I'd probably still be nervous about Harley. But with all the support Ive gotten from Amy and the rest of the girls Harley has blossomed and I feel more comfortable and confident when Im Harley. Ive purged God only knows how many times and now its come to honestly I feel as though I shouldda honestly been born a girl. Its an amazing journey with the right support group behind you. You can never have to many friends/sisters/girlfriends to boost how you feel as you feminine self. Everyone here is amazing. It took me quite a bit to post pics with my face inem but now its all in no holds barred. We got ya sis trust us we get it we totally understand

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Working toward my true self - by Allena - 04-07-2024, 08:30 PM
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