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My favorite job!
I have a mistress (girlfriend) who loves my cooking and makes me polish her shoes and run errands for her. I LOVE that. I do everything for her, I call her my queen. I'm submissive by nature and it allows me to let my fem side out. Actually it was her demands that helped me rediscover my love of CD. She doesn't know I dress, but honestly, I'm her maid and servant. Nothing sick or gross, but I take care of her. So when I cook her food or clean for her I make sure I know my place and I'm in my uniform, ( maids dress, stockings. Heels.) also, I polish her shoes and give her massages to work the knots out of her shoulders and back. Getting to do all these things makes me incredibly happy. But to do them dressed as a woman and in my proper place makes it perfect! The only issue I see about my fem side is that she loves my beard. I wanted to shave it off to make myself more passable but she said no. She wants me to grow it because she wants to braid it! And whatever she wants, she gets.    Smile I'm in love and I'm happy I get to take care of her and dress as I want. I do wish that I could do it for a living. Be a professional maid and servant and get to dress in my uniform everyday! Oh well.... Off to cook my mistress her meals for the day and then polish her shoes and set her schedule. But first!! I must dress for work. My favorite!
Rachael Heart Smile  

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