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New shoes
I walked into payless today then walked past all the aisle's to see who was in the store. There was a man and two lady's they were in the size 8-9 lady's shoe aisle. I needed size 11. With the aisle being empty I was able to relax a bit. Found some heels with some strips of leather down the center. They had a little bit of an Indian look to them with the strips of leather down the center. Now this is where I took a deep breath then walked over to the young lady working in the store. I asked if they had this shoe in size 11  and she was so nice but they only had size 10. I told her thank you and walked back to the aisle where size 10-11 were. Next thing I know she is asking me what type of shoe I was looking for and I just wanted to ask if she would go out with me LOL. She was HOT. Funny she did not care that I was dressed as a man buying Heels. She made my day and I could not get home fast enough to change my clothes get dressed as Sindy put on my new shoes and just enjoy the freedom of being Sindy. So here are some pictures of my new shoes.



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