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New shoes
Hi Sindy,
Thank you for sharing your story.   Luckily, I fit in a size 10 in womens and I find that 10 is the max size that many stores will stock.  So happy to hear you got the shoes.  The shoes look great and I love your skinny jeans.  I would love to see a frontal shot of you in your jeans and shoes.  For your future shoe shopping, it might be worthwhile for you to check out DSW for size 11 if you have a DSW chain near you.
Whenever I go shoe shopping and I'm browsing about, once in a while I get a clerk asking to help me.  I'll tell them that I'm looking for a pair of shoes for my wife for an outfit that I bought her.  I then say that my wife told me she needs a pair of shoes to go with the new outfit so I'm there to pick something out.  If I want help I ask the clerk...if not, I just say I'll know which pair I want when I see something I like.  It's just a handy little story I use so I don't get the strange looks.   Sounds like you had a wonderful clerk there.

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