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Hi, I'm Lucky
I'm new here today.
I am a cute and friendly CD. I've been cross dressing off and on for a long time. I just started up again a few weeks ago.
I do most of my shopping on line especially for undies. Tops, bottoms and shoes I go to the mall for. I'm not flamboyant or obviously gay. I have a boyfriend.
I enjoy hanging with other CDs but have been away from the scene for quite a while. I've lost touch with my friends and I'm hoping to catch up with some of them here and I'm looking forward to meeting new CD friends.
Let's chat.........
just dropping by to say hello
you don't need your email address ... simply email me your username and I'll reset your password for you. If you request a new password, it'll be emailed to you. We've made it a little TOO easy, actually. Someone can sign up and just start posting and not even USE their notification link that comes in their email - also, now "new users" can post new topics without replying to others' threads, as well. This is NOT the norm on any other board but the previous person (it seems) didn't outline to people how everything worked.

It's simple (for new users) ...

provide a username
choose your password
log in
post away!

@Frank - if you don't want to create a new account (with a different email), please email me at [email protected] with your username and I'll reset your password. (which you'll be able to change right away).
I can log in now Mike----thank you.
Logging in is working for me now. Thank you for the help.
This is NOT the norm on any other board but the previous person.

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