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Looking to break out!
I've been into this kind of thing for at least 3 or 4 years.  Just really starting to enjoy it more and more.  I have my own black thigh high stockings, red g string panties, high heel platform shoes, dog leash, and locking leather bdsm collar.  I'm looking to possibly meet new people.  I have a wide collection of anal toys and I am very experienced.  I would like to possibly meet a nice TS girl that is fully transformed.
Whew Analslut  Exclamation   Shy  
Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you come prepared for war... you seem to be well 'armed'  Big Grin  I can hear the bushes being rustled as many will run for cover. But I am guessing that there are a few here that will seek you out for personal hand to hand combat as it were  Exclamation  

I will keep an eye out for posts as I am really not sure how many of this forum are fully transformed TS girls.

Nicole  Heart

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