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Princess Tiffany - My FIRST EVER Public/Adam's/GiGi's TRANSFORMED!
I am a little late to this party, but I just had to pop in to say wow Tiffany your transformation is amazing, you look so wonderful! And thank you for sharing so much detail about your adventures...I confess I can't read ALL of it, but I keep coming back and reading bits and are fearless and gorgeous!

Thanxs for the response Kelly! I appreciate it. REMEMBER EVERYONE....all the credit goes to Roxy as she was my transformation artist at the time. For the clothes i wore and the look i was going for, that was ALL me. Come back as many times to read my storie(s) as you like. I will NEVER EVER delete/alter my threads. Once up, STAYS UP. Unless of course there is some sort or server failure or some massive global internet glitch lol. I am currently working on a new thread (story/images/video) that will be up within 3 weeks from now. My images are processed, am at 80% completion on my story, and about 20% into the video. This new thread will be about a recent outing i went out on with Kelly (Kellyxox) as acting support as she stepped out of the closet for the first time ever. dunno how to respond to that, what to say. Gorgeous? Thanxs! Smile

-Princess Tiffany Heart

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