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Hair removal
I am a 48 year old male to female crossdrsser. I have a question about chest hair removal. I have tried shaving but it itches after a few days. Is there something out there that would work better than shaving?
Yes, there is a one word answer to your need.....VEET .
VEET is a hair removal cream that surpasses shaving anything below the neck.
[with exceptions --- armpits, naughty parts].
But for legs, tummy, not only removes hair better, but also extends time between the need to use again.
As you learn more efficient application over time, expect 2 total body hair removals, plus 4-5 "touch-ups".
Everyone that tries VEET loves it over shaving, and definitely over other hair removal creams.
[attachment=0]<!-- ia0 -->Veet.JPG<!-- ia0 -->[/attachment]
13.5 oz about $9.00 [Walmart]
Available in 5 min & 10 min. formulas
The only thing I can think of is wax hair removal . I tried it on my arms and found it to be painful . For chest hair , I don't how it'll work since I've never had that problem . Maybe shaving while taking a hot bath or shower will help . If all else fails , try laser hair removal .

If you want a wax kit , Kroger stocks them . For laser hair removal ,there are some home style kits that can be ordered from overseas but they can be expensive and meant for small areas . The place Janet recommends is on the home page under " Laser Hair Removal " .

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