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Hello everyone! I'm Kelly, 24 and from Michigan. And this is the first time I have ever been able to open up with my secret. I am so happy to have found this site and see so many other like minded people Smile . I just wanted to say hello to everyone and give a shoutout to the wonderful girls at the JC store that I am lucky enough to only be a 30 min drive away from.  They were super nice, very helpful and just an all around pleasure to do business with and I look forward to my next visit! I also look forward to chatting with all the other girls here and hopefully sharing some tips/tricks for CD'ing  Big Grin
Hey Girl
welcome to our happy little corner of the world, there is a ton of advice here if you need it, the Girls here are just awesome to talk to and have a world of knowledge to share. Hope you find some friends here as well Wink  I myself haven't been out of the darkness that long either.
H&K Heart Heart
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Thank you for the warm welcome. And yes I have already taken some time to browse the threads already here and there is some good info to be had. I did notice that I was on the younger side here but as with just about anything else that I have done its usually with those older than myself, and that's ok because most of the people my age are just obsessed with the whole twatter and Instagram craze. 
Also I was looking at the user CP and could only find the option to upload an avatar picture and not a full size, which i will be waiting on till i get my makeup down a little better but i was looking for the option for the future Smile
Wassup Kelly! I finally found your post in here! I never had the time before, now i do, and i wanted to check on your official name for the new project i am currently working on of OUR outing experience (YOUR first time transformation and outing). That's right and Kelly went out and had a good time very recently! I will say no more about the work i am doing, but EXPECT a new thread creation from myself about the experience and Kelly will also create a new thread too. It was a pleasure going out with you on your first time experience's Kelly and am sure we will do it again!

-Princess Tiffany Heart

Hi Kelly I'm new too but, overjoyed to not be the only one. Welcome to the forums I hope you experience the warmness I felt when I started . Everyone is so nice and engaging here. It's like I finally have a place to ask the questions I have always been embarrassed to ask elsewhere. I am sure you Will shine like no other especially with Princess Tiffany to help you along as well. I'm all ready jealous of your proximity to JC. LOL. I look forward to reading your experience so I can learn as well.
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Ooo another Kelly in here...hello!

I'm new too and share that same feeling that it's so good to be among like-hearted people. I'm intrigued with Princess Tiffany's project, I'll look to see if I missed the thread. (or is it still coming)
Hey there Aluatrill and Kelly, glad to see some new members here! I did feel the very warm welcome from the others here and I'm glad to see others finding this forum helpful!
No doubt I did shine last weekend and I'm trying to get the story of my night and all the pics organized into a nice post to share with everyone, but with a very hectic schedule its making it very hard to complete it quickly. I should have it completed within the next week so keep an eye out on the forum for my post as well as Tiff's experience story.

Welcome Kelly! (Deja vu) I'm most pleased to make your acquaintance. The other girls have already said it all. Enjoy yourself and I'm sure we all hope to hear more from you.
Loving all the new photos of you Lorren. You are on a roll with all those beautiful clothes. You have a real eye for sexy!
Heart Ashlynn Rose  Heart
(08-09-2016, 11:08 PM)Ashlynn Rose Wrote: Loving all the new photos of you Lorren. You are on a roll with all those beautiful clothes. You have a real eye for sexy!

Thank you Ashlynn
I melt in front of a camera. I need someone to take more of me. Self timer is a pain. Besides, I usually get a little excited and put on a pretty good little show for my photographer for those girls or guys that enjoy it. Anyone like to be my camera person.....wink wink...... Heart

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