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New to it all but love it
About 3 months ago I was telling my girlfriend that girls are lucky, they have all the nice stuff to wear. I told her I loved how nylons felt and wished they had something similar for guys to wear. After several attempts to find something similar, I just bought a pair and put them on. Me wearing them actually turned her on.

That started the ball rolling, next it was a nightgown, a wig, makeup to today, where I bought some breasts. Who would figure that I would enjoy cross-dressing so much.I now have a nice wardrobe and tired of just dressing in my house. The last two times I got all decked out, she flipped and wanted to take me out on the town. Needless to say, I was still to nervous to go out in public. However, I did allow her to take a bunch of pictures, which I never thought I would allow anyone to. I even shared them with Roxy at Janet's closet.

I have to say, Roxy at Janet's closet has been so helpful the past couple of months and told me about GiGi's and Adams Apple. I drove by them today with my girlfriend to see where they were and think I'm going to give it a try this weekend. Even though my girlfriend is going with me, it would be nice if I knew someone there that I could kind of hang around and talk to. I'm still a little nervous but I'm sure I'll get over it.

Anyone have any thoughts if I should go to GiGi's or Adams Apple? Or Should I go somewhere else.

Well, hello, that's were I'm at today.

Davia It's what my girlfriend likes to call me.
Welcome I hope you find the forum useful.
To manomanbaby... my apologize for posting this way... but you have PM turned off and I just cannot reply to you any other way...
Hello Newbie,

I apologize for the email, but i wasn't able to PM you back until you accepted/sent a buddy request. We should be okay now. NO we are not... PM is turned off on your end...

Wow you ask a $64,000 question... where to begin/go.

Well please keep in mind that I am by no means any kind of professional advice giver. I can provide you with my experiences and about how I feel about things. To begin, if you wouldn't mind, I would like to ask you several questions. How old are you? Are you married or otherwise involved... or maybe the question should be are you in the closet? Are you gay or do you consider yourself to be a closet lesbian? Okay... enough questions from me... and please, if I am being to nosey just say so.

The reason that I asked... I am 65 years old. I was about 8-9 yrs old when I recognized that I was 'different'. I knew that I liked girls, and still do. But I also knew that inside I felt like a girl. I wanted to be those things that define what a girl is. Essentially, I began to feel trapped. I would dress up in my mother's under garments and such and I would take risks, that I now recognize as being a way to expose myself without actually knowing how or what to say. Well since I was never 'caught' I was left to have to tell someone and I just never had the courage. As I got older it seemed to be less of an issue as I did like girls. Sex for me came early, likely as a tool to see/feel/experience the female anatomy. I would imagine myself to be them. Well here I am now, many years later and several experiences behind me (if you peruse the forum chats you will find many references to myself and others describing those adventures) still living in the closet. I have been able to tell my oldest (daughter) and my closest friend (he is gay) and a few others but essentially my Nicole time is very limited still. I do get out and I occasionally will go downtown to the gay bars and clubs with either my daughter or friend and sometimes both, for a night out.

I could go on and on... but I think that the important thing here would be for me to offer up this advice. If you haven't yet done so, please take the time to seek out your local LGBT or PFLAG group. Typically they meet monthly and frequently will have events that you can participate in. These folks are all similar minded, accepting and knowledgeable people of all ages, race, etc. They will absolutely welcome you with open arms. If you need help finding a community, please just tell me what major city you are in/near and I will find one for you. Oh by the way... if you haven't done this yet and you, like most of us, live with a certain amount of fear of these things, please know that to do this will be life altering for you and you will feel as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Secondly, look thru these chats within the forum and check out bios of our members. Most have provided basic info about themselves and others almost a biography. I looked at yours and I see that you haven't yet expanded your bio... and that is okay as you have to feel comfortable to do so. Anyway, the point is this... maybe try to find someone who may be close to you in age and just strike up a chat. I can and will chat your head off and I like to do so. But there is also benefit to expand your friends list here with one or more who you might have more in common with... unless you are an old fart like myself. lol

Anyway, I would suggest that you not try to 'hide' who you are from yourself. You won't be able to so. Try to find a way to accept who you are and to know that you are okay. You are not ill and there is no 'cure' for this :-) If you are scared, I would suggest you seek out a therapist... I did way back in my twenties. When I say to you that it was a lifesaver, believe me in that it was both literally and figuratively. Best thing that I ever did. I still never got the courage to come out... but hey, I am still here and much better adjusted in the head now.

Ohhhhh and PLEASE treat yourself to a Roxy makeover! WOW she does a great makeup job and let me say that you will LOVE the experience. I say this hoping that you live close enough to JC's to be able to do this. If not, google MTF makeovers near 'your city' and make an appointment.

Okay... I have ran on long enough. Please feel free to ask anything at all and I will give you my best honest answer and/or suggestion.


Well, as I move on in my adventure, to answer the question, I'm not gay. My girl friend and I took a last minute weekend get away to the other side of the state and stayed at the Dunes. I must say, I really enjoyed it and actually left the room, late at night, dressed up and walked around the ground both nights.It was great! I never thought I would have the courage to do it, but with a little bit of encouragement from my girlfriend, I did.
Well, that's where I'm at today.

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