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Princess Tiffany – My journal of personal experiences: Entry 1
Images posted first. Video link posted next. Story/experience to follow.






Video information and link:
Ok, so what I did with this video is I combined ALL 3 experiences (separate videos) into ONE. Starting with the FIRST experimental transformation, then the FINAL transformation, and finishing it off with a random video recording of me in the GiGi’s parking lot (Raw/Candid footage). The video is 100% CLEAN, as in appropriate. The video has audio (verbal communications) and background music. The duration of the video is 9 minutes and 58 seconds. Hope you enjoy it! Link posted below:
YouTube Access (to watch my video):
If above link is defective, copy and paste, then place into web browser https bar.
If you are UNABLE to watch the video for various reasons, contact me and i will look into it.
Link has been tested on Windows 7, should work on XP as well.
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Program used in creation of document (story): Microsoft Word
Official publisher/Creator: Tiffany A.K.A. Princess Tiffany
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Time spent (total average) on ENTIRE project (images, video, story, uploads, tech work): Approx. 30 hours

Table of contents (Descriptive):
Princess Tiffany FINALLY exposed!
My fourth transformation going for that schoolgirl look!
“I like your shirt. Don’t leave it lying around or it might turn up missing.”
Surprise, surprise! I bet you didn’t see that one coming eh Missy?
Round 2 for another outing experience!
Encountering the unexpected and making the very best of a situation going south.
Uh oh…..where’s my wallet!?
I got VERY lucky and offered a reward.
When a negative, yet logical, outlook/prediction of my future turns into a surprise 5 minutes later!
Who would have EVER thought a female would be attracted to Tiffany!?
“Hey my man, you know where you at?”
Confronting the Bouncer….cause I just had to.
You know how the saying goes “If looks could kill” right? Well…if looks could do anything at all, the looks I was getting, one would worry about getting raped! NO B.S.! REAL talk!
NEVER leave your drink UNATTENDED, even for a second!
Was I a victim? Did someone drug my drink? I am not 100% sure….but it might have been the case!
Slow dancing with the devil in the moonlight….and lived to tell the story.
Quite possibly the BIGGEST RISK I ever took in my life heading home after GiGi’s. As the risk would have been FATAL!
Tiffany goes into hibernation mode? Possible.
Soon work will engulf my life as I wait for the summer of 2017.
A shout out to…..YOU!
A personal note to all those who have read, followed, and are currently reading my stories (threads).
In ending…..
Princess Tiffany FINALLY exposed!
My fourth transformation going for that schoolgirl look!
Yup…to date I have had 4 transformations. Even though my third transformation was experimental, it still counts. I have created a thread in regards to my third transformation titled “Princess Tiffany – (FIRST EVER) – BLANK CANVAS+PROFESSIONAL=OMG!!”. In this thread, I talk about subjecting myself to experimentation, meaning that I am allowing Roxy to do WHAT EVER she wants to me, as in giving me whatever look/transformation she wants to. I gave her 100% full reign and complete control without my interference. NO direction, NO instruction, and NO restriction. She did an AMAZING job that left me speechless! I wanted her to have some fun with it, I enjoyed it.

So after the third transformation was completed, time to clean myself up. Why you may be asking? Cause that transformation was experimental, I had a different look in mind that I wanted before heading out to AA and GiGi’s that night. I scheduled for a dual transformation (back to back). For my final transformation look, I wanted more of a princess/schoolgirl look. I was already wearing the appropriate outfit for the look (makeup and hair). Me and Roxy, before any transformations took place, got a talking about the kinds of colors that were to be used in the makeup applications. I was seeking colors of a lighter shade such as pink, maybe yellow, etc, I just have NO clue really. She was showing me some makeup in the makeup aisle, pulling out various colors as we examined them and talking about it. Then as she was scanning some of the makeups, she pulled out these 2 tubes off the rack. She popped the top off one of them and I noticed a roller ball on top of it. Wondering what it was, she thought that this color would be perfect for me and she rolled a tiny bit of this makeup on her hand to show me the shade. She was telling me that we could use this as an eye shadow. She liked that it was a glittery pink. After she applied a small amount onto her hand to show me, I got really excited lol! I was like “HELL YEAH! That is FUCKING awesome I want it!”. Then she examined the other tube and showed it to me, addressing to me that this can be my lip stick which was a light pink glittery lip gloss. OMG! I LOVED her choices of the stuff she recommended I have applied for the look I was going for! The end result, after I had my princess/schoolgirl transformation, was pretty damn good! The whole look was awesome! Even Roxy thought the whole schoolgirl look was pretty awesome too!
During the princess/school transformation, Roxy was curious about my hair as she liked how it looked. Even Missy liked it too. Roxy was really surprised when I told her it costed me $100 lol! Yup…it’s true…one hundo. I bought it online about 3 months ago, had it shipped to me from China, made to order. I came across this wig when I was just browsing online one day checking out various stores looking for various cute styles of wigs. When I came across the wig that I ended up buying and have, I just fell in love with it immediately! Like the pair of super sexy 5’’ heels I saw on the rack at Janet’s…I just HAD TO HAVE IT! The wig sold on the website is classified as a, NOTE: Name is cryptic (eliminate characters to form 2 words), H.a^r..L*y Q:u.i,n>n style. As you can see in one of my images posted, it KINDA looks like such a hairstyle. Granted, there is NO blue and pink highlights added to the pigtails and that the color of the wig is a true blonde (NOT white)…I didn’t care. I LOVED IT and had to HAVE IT! I thought it was the cutest/sexiest hairstyle wig I have ever seen!
I did bring with me, a can of pink washable spray paint and a can of spray glitter too. I was thinking about spaying the ends of my pigtials a light shade of pink and maybe spray a little bit of the super fine silver glitter all over the hair for that extra added touch. But I forgot about it as I headed out of Janet’s. What’s funny was that while at GiGi’s, I ended up getting ALOT of compliments on my hair the MOST! I had a few guys staring at me, some staring VERY HARD lol.
“I like your shirt. Don’t leave it lying around or it might turn up missing. ”
Surprise, surprise! I bet you didn’t see that one coming eh Missy?
So as I was sitting in my ride outside in the parking lot of Janet’s Closet, eating an nutria-grain bar as I had nothing else better to do, when I noticed Missy (employee of Janet’s Closet) stepping out to blaze (smoke a cigarette). Understand that I showed up at Janet’s Closet WAY TOO EARLY lol. So I had a lot of time to kill. I had my driver’s side door open as I looked over at Missy. She was just chillin’ about 7 feet away from me. I kind of felt like confronting her to chit chat with her, shoot the shit, while we were chillin’ outside, but decided not to interrupt her. I was kind of actually hoping she would come up to me and chat about what ever. I have nothing else better to do and I don’t mind talking to the staff. Anyways, as I was done eating, Missy was done smoking. As we both headed to the door, I made a quick approach to the door so that I can open it for her. As she was walking into the building, she said to me “I like your shirt. Don’t leave it lying around or it might turn up missing.” She was implying that she really like my shirt, a form of compliment. My response was “Oh yeah?”. I was picking up what she was laying down and I kept it in mind. I immediately started thinking about what she said and thought to myself…fuck it. Why not give it to her. She obviously likes my shirt…so why not give it to her!? It is a nice shirt. I have had it for 2 years and have worn it only twice. Once to see how it fitted before I bought it and the second time while I was at Janet’s. The shirt is really sweet looking, with velvet like graphic print all over the back of it, same for a little in the front. And also the word “Renegade” in big velvet black letters across the upper back. It was a nice mix of what are probably tribal designs and angel wings.
So anyways, when the time came for me to pack it up and leave, I paid my bill at the register and noticed that Missy looked like she was getting ready to leave (to go home). Roxy was staying late for a previously scheduled transformation with a client. So I immediately asked Missy if she was leaving, as I had a surprise for her. Because I had a lot of stuff unpacked in the dressing room and wanted to be out as quickly as possible, I looked at Missy and said “I have a present for you if you assist me and packing all of my stuff back into my luggage bag.”. She was like “uh oh lol”. As we headed to the dressing room, she mentioned to me that if I needed help, she would help no problems. In other words, I didn’t have to give her anything such as a present. After all of my stuff was packed into my bag and I was about ready to walk out of the dressing room, she pointed out not to forget my shirt. So I picked up the shirt that she liked and handed it over to her. I said “There you go. Here is your present.”. I don’t know how she really felt about the gift I gave to her. I gave it to her cause I wanted to. I knew she liked the shirt as she addressed it to me earlier in the day in her own way. I did ask her after handing her the shirt “You like the shirt right?” and she responded with “Yeah.”. So I guess you can say, in a way, I officially gave the shirt off my back lol. To Missy: I don’t know if you ever read any threads posted in the forum, but if you ever read this thread, you are welcome! I did what I did cause that’s how I roll. I like making those around me happy. Even, at times, if it means giving away my material possessions that I like/love. If my gesture puts a smile on another’s face, then it was WORTH IT! I LOVE EVERYONE at Janet’s Closet! You guys are GREAT!
Round 2 for another outing experience!
Encountering the unexpected and making the very best of a situation going south.
So here we are again….ROUND 2 of my outing experience! REMEMBER…this is NOT, I repeat, NOT a new experience. But I do enjoy sharing my life experiences as “Tiffany” with EVERYONE in the community. Why? “Tiffany” likes to be open and to share. For those who read/enjoy/learn from my stories, I thank you kindly!
Ok so back to my second experience/outing shall we? I was looking forward to another amazing night at AA and GiGi’s, round 2. Well…it wasn’t as great as I thought, hoped, it would be. To be honest, it was alright. I was trying to enjoy myself as much as possible, wanted an all-out crazy experience and for a good reason, a reason that will be explained later in this story.
So I was unable to go to AA like I wanted to. I was tied up at Janet’s Closet with the dual back-to-back transformations and the photo-shoot. I had a set schedule that, if I abided to, I would have left Janet’s at 6:00pm to head out to AA. But because I took 2 breaks in-between the transformations to blaze, that costed me 20 minutes of time (10 minutes per break). Time that would have allowed me to go to AA. Whoops…I know I fucked up lol. Time really doesn’t exist to me when I am at Janet’s. I am enjoying myself. If I live by the clock in situations like this, how can I really enjoy myself!? I will admit time does move faster though. When I wanted and planned on leaving after the photo-shoot, which should have ended at closing time (6:00pm), I think I ended up leaving at freakin’ 6:30pm! Let us not forget about the 20 minute drive I still had to take just to get to AA. It just wasn’t worth it, so I skipped AA and went straight to GiGi’s instead.
I will note that I showed up at Janet’s waaaaaaay early lol. I think I was there 2 hours before my scheduled appointed time. I wanted to be assured that I didn’t show up ON TIME like my last visit. I wanted to have a good window of free time to get ready before the transformation processes and still have to calculate time for various delays (traffic conditions). I was a little bored just hanging out there for x amount of time. But I made some purchases and inquired about specific things as well. I also learned some stuff I was not even aware of such as the Talon nails. Janet sells them in various colors! And all this time I thought it was one color, white. Missy was very helpful in providing me assistance when I required it, as in questions etc. I even asked her what the proper way of walking in heels is. Cause I feel I am walking incorrectly. I thought it was heel to toe. But the way she was showing and telling me was a bit different than how I was doing it. She also gave me some information I never even realized too. Missy was telling me that when guys walk, the step pattern is broader than the way ladies step/walk. I was thinking to myself…damn your right. Females walk more in line, narrow/straight like. I never knew about this. Now I do!
Anyways, so I had no choice but to skip out on going to AA. Oh well, shit happens. Lemme tell you something gurls…..I was actually getting afraid to drive out to AA/GiGi’s after my transformation! Yes, that’s right, I won’t bullshit you! The fear of public exposure was starting to set in. How is this so? How can this be? You did fine the FIRST time you went out fully transformed, you may be saying right? Yes, it is true…I FEARED NOTHING on my first public exposure/outing while all dolled up. But the thing that was getting to me that I didn’t expect and know about was that there was a car cruise happening down Fort Street! You know what this means right? Lots of cars driving around, lots of people standing alongside the road (spectators), and slow ass traffic. Oooooooh….FUCK ME I AM SCREWED! I knew something was up as I drove down Fort Street heading towards Janet’s. When I got inside, I inquired about what was taking place. This is how I then knew about what was going on and confirmation of my assumption. The car cruise actually started when I arrived at Janet’s…..wonderful. But I still went ahead with my planned events. I can’t just tuck tail and leave, FUCK THAT! During my second blaze break with Missy, Roxy, and Lexi, we started talking about the cruise and that all 3 of the staff members were surprised that the event wasn’t as packed as it usually is apparently. Missy was addressing to me that NORMALLY, traffic would be bumper to bumper for such an event. So I guess I got LUCKY AS FUCK! Because I was telling them FUCK THAT man! I will call a cab; I am not driving in that shit especially all dolled up lol. The car cruise event was to last till I think 8:00pm, when I left Janet’s at close to 7:00pm traffic was the same as it was when I arrived surprisingly! PHEW! I dodged a bullet lol. Yeah…I have courage, but NOT that MUCH courage!
The drive to GiGi’s wasn’t too bad actually. There weren’t as many people alongside the road as one would assume. It wasn’t like there was a parade and tons of people were present. I actually drove in the right lane too, heading towards Southfield freeway. I really didn’t mind. I was more focused on the positioning of my car when I came to a red light and while driving. As I was driving, I would position my vehicle in a fashion to where any vehicle next to me could not look at me. I would monitor the speed of any vehicle in front and behind me on my left side, as to prevent line of sight from other drivers. I did pretty well on that. When I was forced to stop at a red light, the positioning of my vehicle was also out of line of sight. I ALMOST got confronted by a stranger believe it or not! As I was making a turn onto West Warren Avenue, I noticed a guy that was on the corner of the street, other side, for like a brief moment as I was making my turn. I think he was a homeless beggar looking for some money, but am unsure. As I was making my turn, I heard the guy say out loud “Excuse me miss”. I just threw my hand up like “No, go away. Am not here”. Sign language if you will. I didn’t give the guy a hand gesture that would have been perceived as offense in ANY way, shape, or form. More like Uh Uh you caught me at a BAD TIME lol. Oh well.
So I arrived at GiGi’s earlier than last time, 30 minutes early. There were a couple cars in the parking lot so I wondered if they would allow anyone into the building being this early as open time is 8:00pm. I approached the door out of curiosity and it was open. I walked in, no one stopped me. There were a few people, mostly staff, in the club area. I got myself a sex on the beach drink and just chilled alone at the bar. About 5 minutes later, I noticed one of my gurl friends that came up to the bar and I was like “Hey I remember you!”. We chatted a little bit and I decided to walk around the place with drink in hand. I decided to head out to blaze and I seen the parking lot attendant, slash security guard, outside sitting in his ride talking on his cellphone. At which point, I reached into my purse and pulled out a $10.00 bill and gave it to him. NO BODY said I had to pay, don’t have to. I did what I did because I wanted to. After I gave the guy the money, what was to follow was COMPLETELY unexpected of. This guy was soooo happy he actually got out of his car and gave me a hug! That was unexpected lol! I didn’t refuse the hug, I was happy knowing that he was happy!
I wasn’t really expecting a bunch of my gurl friends to show up that night, only 1 really. Later on in the night she showed up and I enjoyed her company. Unlike last time I was at GiGi’s, I really didn’t go around introducing myself and mingle with a bunch of people there. To be honest, I really wasn’t in the mood. I was starting to develop a really nasty headache as the club was kicking into gear. So this affected my mood. I was on my second or third sex on the beach drink at this point. I will talk more about this headache later in this story….as I feel that this may be some VERY IMPORTANT VITAL information for all you gurls! I did meet some new gurls during my visit.
Even though I didn’t watch the Live show that GiGi’s has every Saturday, I still paid for a wristband ($6.00). I wanna support it even if I am not watching the show. I gave the lady a $10.00 bill and told her to keep the change. I never had the time to watch the show anyways. I was all over the place and my headache was getting to me. Later on in the night, my gurl friend and i both stepped out to blaze. When we got outside, she looked at me and asked me “Are you alright?”. I was like “Yeah I am ok, fine. Why?”. She was telling me that I looked too serious or mad or something like that. Mind you, my headache was really bugging me at the time.
Uh oh…..where’s my wallet!?
I got VERY lucky and offered a reward.
OMG did I EVER get LUCKY! I ALMOST lost my wallet, misplaced it I did. So what happened was I went into the women’s bathroom to apply some more glitter lip gloss. I had what I needed in my purse, but I had to overcome an obstacle to get at what I needed. The “obstacle”, tons of assorted stuff in my purse lol! Mind you, I wasn’t carrying around as laptop carry case as a “purse” this time around like last time. I had a real nice purse with me. And I KNOW I have addressed in my FIRST EVER PUBLIC TRANSFORM outing to AA/GiGi’s that I would NOT be wearing nails again as it is a bit of an inconvenience (nails popping off when too much force is applied and gets in the way when grabbing things). But I just don’t give a fuck anymore really.  I love the nails and it completes my whole look. I feel it makes me look prettier.
Anyways, because of my nails and the amount of stuff I had in my purse, in order to get at what I need, I have to pull out a bunch of stuff. It’s the only way I can be able to easily access what I need with ease and to prevent breaking off my nails. So I found my glitter lip gloss, applied some, and then put everything back into my purse before heading out. Well…I thought I put everything back into my purse. As I headed up to the bar, the bartender seen me and knew what I wanted to order without even having to ask or me saying anything. As he was getting my drink ready I start pulling my stuff out of my purse, looking for my money. I started to worry as couldn’t find my damn wallet! Where the hell did it go!? I looked at the bartender as he was standing there awaiting payment and told him to gimmie a second, be right back. I was at the bar for about 2 minutes when I discovered my money was missing…and A LOT of it too! I won’t say how much I had with me, except I had “x amount” of dollars AND as well as my driver’s license and 2 credit cards too. I went from a good/happy mood to serious mode in a drop of a dime. I had to re-trace my steps immediately and the only place I can re-trace….the women’s bathroom. If my money wasn’t in there…I am fucked!
So I headed back to the women’s bathroom that I was in 3 minutes earlier to apply my lip gloss. I was on a mission, locate my missing money. As I walked in the bathroom I saw 4 females standing around, kind of in a circle, as they were conversing amongst themselves. Then I directed my attention to the ledge that is under the mirror on the wall and guess what I seen? MY FUCKING WALLET!!! I was absent for 3 minutes and there was 4 people in the bathroom and my wallet is still there!? WTH!? Boy was I relieved to see my wallet! So I grabbed my money, looked at the girls, opened up my wallet in front of them, and started pulling out money. I deliberately barged myself into the group of females as they were talking, as to make my presence known. As to say “Hey…I am here look at me now”. Two of the four females stopped talking as were looking at me as I was peeling bills from my stack. I wanted to show them what I was doing as they were going to be in for a surprise very soon.
So after I peeled off a few bills from my stack, I deliberately interrupted the conversation the other 2 girls were having, as I sought to have the FULL ATTENTION of all 4 girls as I had something very important to address and to their benefit. I said to all of them “Can I have your attention! I wanna give you guys something.”. So the other 2 girls stopped talking and were looking at me and the money I had in my hand. I then handed over to each girl a “bill”. I won’t disclose the amount of money I handed to each girl but each girl got the same amount. After I handed out the money to the girls, 2 of them actually tried to give it back to me lol! I said to them “Take it, it’s yours! I had “x amount” of dollars sitting here cause I forgot/lost my wallet and YOU GUYS had the OPPORTUNITY to take it! But because you didn’t, I wanna give you guys something.” All four girls ultimately declined to accept the cash I was giving them so I ended up taking it back. I didn’t want to take it back, but I did to keep them happy. They were happy about the gesture, no doubt. They were saying to me as they were trying to give me back the money things like “We don’t want your money, take it”, “Are you sure?”, and one girl said to me “We are good people, we wouldn’t take anything. Don’t worry about it.”
Boy was I surprised they didn’t accept my reward!  I had a BUNCH of money sitting there, in an unsecured area and no one else around. If these girls would have taken the money, they would have had themselves an awesome night lol! I don’t always act on and believe in words of appreciation. If someone did something great for me, me saying “Thank you” in return or anything else just doesn’t cut it for me. I mean…what is 2 lousy words verses a TON of money!? Really! Such words carry no weight in my book. Sure, they are recognized and appreciated to an extent for some people, but is forgotten later on down the road. So when I find myself in situations like this, I show my appreciation, not in the form of words, but in the form of material possessions that I give back!
When a negative, yet logical, outlook/prediction of my future turns into a surprise 5 minutes later!
Who would have EVER thought a female would be attracted to Tiffany!?
Yes…it is true. To ANYONE and EVERYONE that reads my threads/stories…PLEASE understand that I DO NOT bullshit! Everything I say is 100% REAL, TRUTHFUL, and as ACCURATE as possible! I don’t enjoy making up stories. I can think of better things to do than to make up phony B.S. stories. I like to and prefer to keep it REAL! So later on in the night at GiGi’s, I met up with the one gurl I met from the last time I was there again. We were both in the bathroom powdering our noses, applying makeup, when she starting talking to me about relationships with other gurls. I can’t remember what exactly started the conversation let alone all the details of which as I had, at the time, 3 sex on the beach drinks already in me so I was buzzing slightly, feeling loose and relaxed. At the end of our conversation, I think she mentioned something about women and TG/TV/CD relationships. DAMN….i wish I could recall every word she said, i just can’t remember! But my final words in the conversation was like “Yeah right…like any real woman would be attracted to a guy like me who is a CD!? Gimmie a break seriously! Like that would EVER happen.” GURLS…was I in for a SURPRISE that would blow my mind and have me eating my words lol!
After we were done touching up our makeup, we parted ways again. I headed back to the table with my other gurls friends who were enjoying themselves and having a good time. As my friends where conversing, I was looking around at everyone else, checking things out. Then I noticed this female as she was making her approach in my direction. She seemed a bit hesitant to approach me, but she was eyeing me pretty good. So I introduced myself to her as I extended my hand out. She started complimenting me on my hair and outfit. I asked her if she wanted to join me outside so I can blaze and we can talk where it’s quieter, she agreed to follow.  When we stepped outside, there was a bunch of people hanging around so I asked her if she wanted to follow me to my car, she agreed and followed me.  When we got to my car, we initiated a very interesting conversation. She seemed pretty interested in me and was asking me a bunch of questions. For starters, she was wondering if I was into cosplay.
So after about 5 minutes of talking, I knew this conversation between us was going to be a long and interesting one. So instead of us just standing in the parking lot next to my car, I asked her if she would like to sit in my ride so it’s more comfortable. She agreed. I was careful not to seem like I was trying to do any kind of “funny business” as I wasn’t. I didn’t want to give ANY such impression to alarm or even scare her away. I even told her that I would have the windows rolled down and the car would not be running. I wanted her to feel at ease and be comfortable as I was genuinely interested in our conversation and wanted to continue further into it. So as we were sitting in my car talking, I was “feeling her out”, analyzing her. I asked her if she was afraid, timid, and hesitant in any way as it seemed like she wanted to ask me some specific questions but was unsure what my reaction was going to be to such questioning. I told her “Ask me ANYTHING you like. Should there be a question I refuse to answer due to privacy reasons, I will let you know. I will respond with the words ACCESS DENIED. There is NOTHING to worry about.”  So we exchanged questions between us and shared a little about ourselves with each other.
She would ask me things like if I was interested in anime/manga. If you don’t know what this is, it’s Chinese/Japanese animation/cartoons. I told her that I was NOT BIG on the whole manga/anime scene. Back in the day I would watch the Sailor Moon cartoon TV shows and was developing an interest in such animations. But that such an interest eventually died off. I was being 100% honest with everything to her. No reason to lie. The main reason why she asked me such questions in regards to manga/anime and cosplay was because of my wig I was wearing that night. As I explained some things about my hairpiece earler in this story, you should know, just by even looking at the style of my wig, it is NOT the exact style and color. Reason being? This wig was made in China. This is the Chinese anime/manga version of H.a^r..L*y Q:u.i,n>n. And this female I was talking to, she is of Asian descent. So my hair is what pulled her towards me. But later on in our conversations, I found that she was genuinely interested in me. I even asked her if she was attracted to me…and she was! How fucking surprised I was lol! I WANTED to know as I was trying to dig deep into the core, the REAL reason, as to why she came to me seeking to talk to me. We must have chatted about all kinds of things for like 15 minutes. It was her first time being at GiGi’s. I never remembered her name…dammit. Nor did we even exchange contact info too…DAMMIT lol. Oh well. Easy come, easy go I guess. Perhaps one day we will meet again, but I ain’t getting my hopes up that’s for sure.
“Hey my man, you know where you at!?”
Confronting the Bouncer….cause I just had to.
So there was a time when me and my gurl friend stepped out to blaze. As we were chillin’ under the awning out in the parking lot, I noticed a group of people conversing. The group was comprised of 3 females and one male. Me and my gurl friend had nothing to talk about at the time, so I decided to hone in on and listen to the conversation that was taking place amongst the group that was about 9 feet away from us.  As I was listening, I discovered that the one male was actually hitting on the females, trying to score himself some “play” if you get my drift. I noticed that one of the girls turning him down, so he went after another girl right next to her without any hesitation. I noticed a real big black dude just chillin’, eating his food on top of his white SUV vehicle about 3 feet away from the group. Didn’t know who he was…didn’t care. Little did I know at the time that he was the bouncer. After this one male in the group got turned down a second time, the bouncer said to the male “Hey my man, you know where you at!?”. He barged himself into the conversation that the one male was having with the 3 females. He was addressing and making him aware as to where he is at exactly…GiGi’s. MIND YOU, he WAS being POLITE about his address! He was NOT an ASSHOLE AT ALL! And also that it’s not cool to be doing such a thing, to leave the girls alone. At which point, the male then backed off on hitting on the girls and the 4 of them had a normal conversation.
After witnessing what occurred with the bouncer and the male, I thought to myself for a moment. I then reached into my purse, pulled out some money, and made my approach to confront the bouncer. When I confronted to black guy (bouncer) face to face, I noticed he was wearing a security guard badge around his neck as a necklace. Then I looked up at his face and said to him “you work here?” Obviously he had to be working there as I seen the badge around his neck, but wanted to make sure anyways. I didn’t see the badge beforehand as I was 9 feet away, wasn’t wearing my glasses at the time, and he was hunched over the hood of his SUV eating. He responded “Yeah. What can I do for you”. Then I whipped out my money in hand right in his face and with a little grin I said “Here. This is for you”. He looked at the money, then looked at me, took the money, and said “Good lookin’ out.”. I never told him WHY I gave him the money. Hopefully he understands why I did what I did. When I back to the awning to meet up with my gurl friend, she looked at me and said “That was nice of you!”. I looked back at my gurl friend and said to her “I like what the bouncer did. I recognize such things and like to show my appreciation to those who look out for us gurls.”.
You know how the saying goes “If looks could kill” right? Well…if looks could do anything at all, the looks I was getting, one would worry about getting raped! NO B.S.! REAL talk!
There was this one situation that was actually brought to my attention by one of my gurl friends later that night at GiGi’s. After wandering around through GiGi’s, I saw my gurl friends at the table chillin’ so I decided to join them. After I sat down and starting sipping my drink, one of my gurl friends next to me made a gesture with her hands towards me and said to me “?????? at 9:00”. The question marks represent something I kinda forgot. I don’t wanna fill in false information if I am not 100% accurate. Besides, the music was quite loud and couldn’t make out what she was saying to me. I had to have her repeat herself 2 more additional times, but I finally got the picture of what she was alerting me to in combination to her hand gestures. Come to find, my gurl friend was trying to get me to look at my “9:00 position” as there was 2 guys STARING at me EXTRA HARD! I mean the pure intensity of the moment and the staring was unbelievable! I didn’t stare back at them, confront them, or say anything to them. They were standing 3 feet away and they just wouldn’t stop staring at me. I just looked at them for 2 seconds and went back to enjoying my drink. I looked back at my gurl friend and she was telling me they are really staring at me big time! I shrugged it off and I decided to “tease” them a little bit lol.
So what I did then was I starting twirling my pigtail with my finger, acting in a flirtatious manner if you will. I wasn’t looking at them while I was doing it, but did notice another guy who couldn’t seem to control himself from glancing at me numerous times lol! He was TRYING NOT to make it obvious, as in straight up staring at me while I was twirling my finger in my pigtail. Each time I looked at him, he would causally look in another direction away from me. That was funny. But the most foolish thing I ever did was forgetting about those 2 guys that seemed to REALLY WANT a piece of Tiffany if you get my drift. Cause when I left the table to go elsewhere, I didn’t have personal security in mind in the event those guys would be following me around and what nots. But, should ANYTHING bad occur with me, I AM prepared for it and will act accordingly. I never saw those guys again for the rest of the night, nor was I even looking for them. I know they were NOT employees or bouncers/security; it would make no sense as I did NOTHING WRONG at any time. So yeah…I NEVER had ANYONE STARE AT ME quite like that before!
NEVER leave drinks UNATTENDED, even for a second!
Was I a victim? Did someone drug my drink? I am not 100% sure….but it might have been the case!
Ok, so I find it hard to believe that someone would actually drug me in an effort to fuck/rape me later. Sorry for being so blunt with what I say, but I am not gonna beat around the bush with it. Now i am NOT trying to put myself out there and/or saying that I am the hottest one there is AND AM NOT LOOKING to get with ANYONE for any kind of “after party” either! A super model I am not! Faaaaar from it. BUT, to the right person(s) I may be the hottest one they have ever seen. But I am a CROSSDRESSING MALE! I am NO woman/female! If I am REALLY that PASSABLE looking…then DAMN…Roxy did a FAR better job than I thought! And I think she did GREAT!
Now I have NEVER been drugged before and DO NOT USE any kind of drugs, am 100% drug free. I smoked a joint back in my late teens ONCE…the effects had me believing that it was laced with something and after that, never smoked that shit again. I know of a friend of mine that was actually drugged once at school several years back. She was in the cafeteria when one of the students slipped something into her drink without her knowledge. The end result was that she ended up in the hospital over some weird things happening to her that was NOT normal. Later found out that her drink was in fact drugged.
For the life of me, I cannot seem to wrap my brain around the VERY HIGH POSSIBILITY that someone at the club (GiGi’s) may have actually slipped something into my drink when it was unattended.  I say this cause my body was acting up BIG TIME. First off I was developing a NASTY headache, then later on i started feeling sick to my stomach, and then when the time came for me to call it a night and head back home….little did I know that I was about to slow dance with the devil in the moonlight. I have NEVER EVER EVER been so EXTREMELY TIRED before in my entire life!!! But I will talk about that in a little bit.
I just can’t understand why I was feeling so shitty. Was it really just me or was one of my drinks drugged? I have no damn clue. At one point, I went out to my car to eat a nutrigrain bar, perhaps maybe the reason why I was feeling sick to my stomach was because I was hungry? I didn’t eat very much that day, but is no excuse anyways as i am used to it. As for the headache, maybe it was because I wasn’t wearing my glasses for a while. I highly doubt it, but is possible. Last time I went on my outing, I didn’t wear my glasses for 12 hours and I didn’t get a headache from it. I certainly DID NOT drink enough to have me so fuckin’ wasted I didn’t know where I was. I had 5 drinks during my stay and I took my time drinking them. The drinks were NOT strong, were mixed just right. I did get a slight buzz going at one point, but never exceeded that. For the most part I felt loose, relaxed, and a little careless at times. I was still fully functional and retained my smarts/intelligence/functionality.
I will admit, there have been times where I would leave my drink unattended several times. But only have done so in the lobby, area/room you first enter into when walking into the building. NO ONE is allowed to leave the building with drink in hand. So I just temporarily place in on the little counter next to the entrance/exit door before stepping out to blaze. I usually retrieve it when I go back inside. I have done this 2 or 3 times during that night. Drinks that I left behind at a table, I never retrieved as I would forget about it. So….could someone slip something into my unattended drink even with a lot of commotion and people all around? Sure…why not? There are HUNDREDS of ways to get the job done if one is smart enough. Hell, if I wanted to i could do it with room FULL 20 people and even if half of them were looking at me, no one would see it. You would be surprised at what I can see and can do that MOST cannot. Those whom know me personally think I am paranoid. No, I am not. I respond back by saying “Not paranoid, just smart”.
I think my odd condition started on my third drink. It is possible that if my drink was actually drugged, I didn’t get the full effect or didn’t hit me fast enough. As when I returned back into the building and I retrieved my drink, I only took 2 little baby sips and ditched the rest of it. So…was I stupid for leaving my drink unattended when I stepped outside for x amount of time? You betcha’!
On my way back home driving, I figure MAYBE the waistband shape wear I was wearing under my dress shirt was the possible cause of me feeling sick to my stomach. So I slid it down a bit, the best I could while I was driving, and I actually started feeling better! Only 10% out of 100% though. When I got closer to home, I pulled over and slid the waistband down to my hips and still felt the same kinda. If there was any change for the better, I would say add 5% to the 10%. When I got home, i went straight to bed. I was still partially dressed. Didn’t give a fuck about changing and cleaning myself up, I was in NO mood. I was feeling so sick to my stomach that I grabbed a bucket and placed it next to my bed just in case lol. I fell asleep 10 minutes later and awoke fine. Didn’t vomit and my condition didn’t get worse. I won’t lie, I was worried. It just didn’t make any sense. NO BODY knows ME better than ME! So when I say there was some odd things happening to me that makes NO SENSE AT ALL….then something is truly wrong!
Let us NOT FORGET about those 2 guys that were staring at me EXTRA HARD too. Hey…you never know. I am just piecing up all the pieces to the puzzle here, trying to figure things out. I didn’t notice anything odd, strange, out of the blue, or even suspicious throughout the night. I didn’t notice anyone following/stalking me. But then again I wasn’t looking over my shoulder the whole night.
So gurls….BEWARE!! If YOUR drink is NOT in your hand in FRONT of yourself AT ALL TIMES (EVERY SECOND that passes), then you better be ready to buy another one! I may have gotten lucky…learn from my mistake.
Slow dancing with the devil in the moonlight….and lived to tell the story.
Quite possibly the BIGGEST RISK I ever took in my life heading home after GiGi’s. As the risk would have been FATAL!
Lemme tell you guys something here…I have taken big risks in my days, but NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING this TREMENDOUS to date!! OMFG!! I would like to rephrase “dancing with the devil” to something like “An intimate encounter with the sandman”, but the situation I was in was EXTREMELY RISKY! More like a FATAL RISK! As soon as I drove on West Warren Avenue, I was feeling VERY TIRED. Mind you, I was NOT DRUNK or even buzzing! During the duration of my stay at GiGi’s, I consumed a maximum of 5 sex on the beach drinks. No beer, no shots, and no liqueur. Nothing but S.O.B. And I took my time consuming such drinks, not slamming them down or drinking them in a hurry. So essentially speaking, I had one 12oz./16oz. drink per hour, causally sipping. I would consider that the amount and rate of consumption to be enough to have me a little loose and relaxed.
Anyways, 15 minutes into driving home on the freeway (45 minute drive), aside from have a tummy ache, I was also getting SEVERLY tired! I could not BELIEVE how fucking tired I was! It was SO BAD that I literally forced my eyes WIDE OPEN trying to fight the sandman. I have NEVER EVER been this tired before! I drove once when I was tired many years ago, but NEVER to this extreme. I even had the volume cranked up on my massive audio system, FULL BASS. The bass was hitting and pounding so damn hard, I could actually feel my eardrums moving lol. And EVEN THAT was NO WHERE NEAR enough to keep me awake! The fucking bass was CONSTANT, with ZERO results. I even had both drivers’ side and passenger side windows rolled down, back windows halfway. I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CLOSE to engaging into a very passionate kiss with the sandman TWICE! What I mean by this is that I was on the VERY EDGE of giving in and passing out behind the wheel while doing 75 mph! I can’t believe I managed to shake off the sandman’s intimate approach! It would have felt soooooooooo good too, I know it would have. But if I leaned in for that “kiss” just a tad bit more, if I am lucky, would have woken up in a hospital. It was a CONSTANT, I repeat CONSTANT BATTLE fighting the sandman! EVERY fucking SECOND that passed, I was fighting. NO…I am NOT, I repeat NOT exaggerating anything! Literally EVERY SECOND! It was as if I haven’t slept in weeks! It was terrible/brutal and the TOUGHEST fight I have ever endured! I actually ended up drifting off into the lane next to me, on a different account, without even realizing it too! FORTUNATELY there was NO ONE in the lane at the time. Cause if there was, even a simple horn honk would have caused me to crash immediately due to my unawareness of my surrounds as I would react so quickly out of shock and surprise, it would have been disastrous at those speeds! I was SO DETERMINED and SO FOCUSED to get home that I just could NOT pull off to the side anywhere and sleep it off. I kept telling myself “I’m almost there”.
HOLY SHIT….that will NEVER happen again!! Next time, I will fucking SLEEP in my CAR in the GIGI’S PARKING LOT before I EVER do that again!!I have done some pretty stupid stuff in my days, but that one night ULTIMATELY takes the cake for damn sure!! Some foolish things I have done behind the wheel before like actually driving drunk in my late teens with 4 of my friends all in the car, doing 95 mph down the freeway WHILE txting on my cellphone and mind you…paying MORE attention to my txting than what was in front of me back in my early 30’s, doing 70 mph down the freeway at nighttime WHILE wearing sunglasses (dark shades) and where NOT my prescription (as I wear glasses) back in my mid 20’s, doing 60 m.p.h. at NIGHT time in the MOST dense’s fog I have ever seen (I would call it London fog) with my headlights COMPLETELY OFF for a 3 mile drive back in my late 20’s. NOW THAT was an incredible EXPERIENCE I tell ya! I was like a fucking ghost driving in such a thick ass fog. Believe it or not, you can ACTUALLY SEE BETTER with the headlights off did you know that? BUT PLEASE….DON’T make any such attempt! What I did was fucking STUPID! EXTREMELY dangerous for myself and others! If someone would have crossed the road in such a dense fog like that, it would have been game over.
I learn from my mistakes, the risks I take. Even though I come out of it without a scratch, I NEVER repeat it! As you get older, you get wiser and become more mature. Perhaps what I was experiencing, the reason why I was so INCREDIBLY TIRED, was another side effect of whatever drug was put into one of my drinks IF my drink was actually drugged. I just don’t know! I am trying to make sense of it all. From getting an intense headache to having an upset stomach and then being so fucking tired I ALMOST passed out. I WASN’T EVEN DRUNK!! I got PLENTY of sleep the night before and I sucked down 40 ounces of coffee prior to arrival at Janet’s ( I LOVE drinking coffee).
Yeah…dancing with the devil for 45 minutes and making it out alive is a FUCKING Miracle! A dance I NEVER wanna take EVER again!
Tiffany goes into hibernation mode? Possible.
Soon work will engulf my life as I wait for the summer of 2017.
Yup….it is what it is folks. Soon I will be dedicating 75% of my time to work and 25% personal shit. In case you are unaware, I have been on a 2 and a half month vacation. During this time, I lived it up. Spending money like it was going out of style and enjoying life to the fullest! I have NEVER taken a vacation like the ever before in my entire life. Prior to the summer of 2016, my life was filled with nothing but TONS of work and HIGH levels of stress. So a time came where I just said “Fuck it. I need a vacation. I wanna ENJOY life for a fucking change!”.  I am glad I made such a decision, to act upon. I have NO REGRETS!! I had the best times of my life and I feel good. And now I am ready to endure it all over again. It was also perfect timing to that I acted upon my decision to give work and stress the middle finger, as Tiffany was POUNDING on the door wanting to come out.

I have had wonderful experiences at Janet’s Closet (with transformations and photo-shoot’s), AA (checking out the nice bar), and GiGi’s (meeting new people, making friends, and having an AWESOME time)! If it wasn’t for my decision to take such a vacation like this, I PROMISE you that I would have NEVER done all of this. I just could not afford the time. I was hoping my last trip to GiGi’s was going to be FAR BETTER than my first. Not saying that the first time was bad, it was FUCKING AWESOME! But I was looking to go out with a bang to end it all in the summer of 2016. But because of my belief that I was “possibly drugged”, as I was feeling shitty, my personal experience wasn’t all that great. I tried to make the best of it. I would like to address that this is NOT NEGATIVE FEEDBACK directed at the GiGi’s establishment! I DO NOT hold GiGi’s accountable for my beliefs. GiGi’s is in business to make money, NOT drug people.  All I am doing is expressing a word of caution to everyone to be careful with your drinks as you just never know, for IT IS POSSIBLE. Not just at GiGi’s, but can happen ANYWHERE! GiGi’s is an AMAZING place and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

So for now, Tiffany will be in hibernation mode from now till the beginning of summer in 2017. No more transformations, no more photo-shoots, and no more going out to AA and GiGi’s on MY OWN ACCORD. I won’t have the time for it, to really enjoy myself and have a good time. Mind you, Tiffany will still be around. This is NOT the END of Tiffany, NEVER will be. I will still be ordering things from Janet’s Closet online as I expand the wardrobe collection over this hibernation period. Though i seem to pretty certain of my future outlook, who really knows...really.
ATTENTION:  Though I will be devoting much of my time to work and personal stuff, I will still make time to create new threads in the forum AND I will even try to make time to actually meet with those from the forum who wish to meet me in person. What I am referring is those whom are “noobies”. Those that are totally new to stepping out of the closet, for the first time, and seek out support in the form of my presence. NOT everyone has the courage to go out at it all alone. For some, they don’t give 2 shits and a fuck about what other people think and/or view them as. For others, it takes a GREAT DEAL of time to build up that courage. I was once in your heels too you know. It took me a very long time to get at where I am at today. I sought out for assistance/support, but failed for various reasons as I DID NOT want to go all alone. I was afraid. Everyone is different. I had that mindset of determination to go at it ALONE and succeeded. PLEASE UNDERSTAND this….I MAKE NO PROMISES!! For those seeking to have my presence as company for support in going to Janet’s Closet for a transformation/photo-shoot, and/or AA, and/or GiGi’s, I will do my VERY BEST to be there for ANYONE. We will have to work something out as I will have a work schedule and am sure you do too. I wanna help those stepping out for the first time ever. It is in my nature to help others, no matter what it is.
So…if you’re a new to all of this and really wanna step out for the first time but are too afraid to go at it alone and would like me to be your company, contact me via the forum. You MUST be a registered user to send me a message. I don’t wanna post up my email address. Once a line of communication has been established, I will stick to it. I am the kind of person who stays true to my words. If I tell you I am gonna do something, I do it. In other words, my words are “Bankable”. I don’t like letting people down and DO NOT Like to create an image that represents myself as being one that says one thing, but does another as in not following through. For those interested, have no worries/fears in regards to privacy and security…I got you. And also….i offer my presence of assistance/support 100% FREE!! I DO NOT EXPECT ANYTHING in return! I wanna make this clear for those that may assume I am looking for something, anything, in return for my time being there and the 2 hour long drive (round trip), etc. Nope…I am good. Also understand that my support is NON FINANCIAL. I will NOT be buying you ANYTHING. My support is of a non-financial manner. Depending on the situation at hand, I may even join in on a transformation and photo-shoot if at Janet’s, if one seeks to meet there with me for a first time. I don’t even mind meeting with those who seek to meet with me anywhere else other than Janet’s, AA, and GiGi’s. Provided of course the distance of travel is within reason. Not looking forward to driving to B.F.E., if you know what that means lol.
To date, July 05 2016, I have met with one person from the forum, name withheld for privacy reasons/concerns. We engaged into a very interesting conversation that lasted for 3 hours believe it or not! Hopefully soon, me and my new gurl friend will be getting a transformation, photoshoot, and heading out for an awesome night! All of which will be her FIRST TIME EVER! And I am more than happy to be there for this person! We will have fun as “name withheld” steps out of the closet for the very first time!
So there you have it. So many AMAZING and WONDERFUL memories! Memories I will NEVER forget and HOPE that I can do it all over again in 2017. The summer of 2017 WILL BRING more new experiences, as Tiffany will come out more and more…one step at a time. I cannot see into the future and never make any promises, but I hope and can’t wait. The life of Tiffany has only begun. I have shared A LOT of information and real life true experiences about Tiffany and more will come in due time. Who knows what the future will bring.

A shout out to…..YOU!
A personal note to all those who have read, followed, and are currently reading my stories (threads).
I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to EVERYONE that has read my stories (threads) and have spread the name of “Tiffany” around! I have received some recent intel that people are being directed to specific threads that I have created for those seeking more in-depth, detailed, information about the experiences I have had. Information that that may beneficial and helpful. I have ALSO VERY RECENTLY discovered that such information I have provided is EXTREMELY RARE to find elsewhere. As such information is fragmented and scattered throughout. So it is VERY GOOD to hear that my stories are helping people, informing them, and aiding them into taking their first step out of the closet.  What I did, I did NOT for myself, but for you the reader, for EVERYONE!
In ending…….

And that about does it! All done…for now. 2016 has brought me some good times, the best in my life. If I am lucky, I will do it all over again in the summer of 2017 and will share more of my experiences with everyone. I would like to promise, but I won’t, that Tiffany will be stepping out even more in the future from this point forward. Believe it or not….i have been pondering about the exposure of Tiffany to an individual that is close to me. I foresee NO negative ramifications for the actions of the exposure of Tiffany to this individual. I know this individual well enough to know that it would be ok and that such information would be strictly confidential too. The individual I speak of would be shocked and surprised, no doubt! I have PERFECT plans of approach in the unveiling of Tiffany to this individual. But I REALLY need to put some MORE SERIOUS THOUGHT into this BEFORE I do anything! For this one GIANT STEP ALONE may very well change my future, for Tiffany may become more exposed than ever before. Back in April, Tiffany was POUNDING on the door seeking to come out, and did so with my VERY FIRST full transformation process. And now, at this point in my life, it is getting to that level. Tiffany isn’t POUNDING on the door for full exposure to those whom know me personally, she is knocking on the door.  I dunno what to say except….stay tuned I guess. I may have another story to tell should this ever occur. But I WON’T be doing it so I have a story to tell! It will be because I made my decision for exposure. If this is to happen soon, it will be before the end of October of 2016. If not, then POSSIBLY in the summer of 2017. All I can say is….will see. More stories will be posted up as they occur in my life, as Tiffany.

-Princess Tiffany *Heart*

Date of occurred experiences/events: June 25 2016
Complete story/image/video upload: July 07 2016
OMG Tiffany!
Whew... that was quite a read... again, I feel that I will have to reread just to fully digest everything. Wonderful story and you are quite the videoerrrr or whatever  Exclamation  Big Grin 
I think that there are girls that will read/watch you and take encouragement from you. Kudos girl friend. I am thinking of making an outing with my friend in downtown Columbus in the next couple of weeks and your story has me excited.
P.S. Roxy... you know that I love what you do to me... figuratively speaking of course  Big Grin with makeup. You did Tiffany proud... she is quite the looker. Kudos to you too. 
Nicole  Heart
Re-reading my story:
Yes, i can understand you have to re-read my story lol. It is ALOT of information indeed! At least you enjoy it! There is some interesting information in there. Hell, i know i would re-read it lol!
Am i to assume you watched the video? I think i would be classified as a video editor/publisher, even though this is NOT what i do for a living. Unlike my 2 other videos (links posted in appropriate threads), this video alone WAS ALOT of WORK! A whole new layout/design, scene cutting, background music cutting, and added even more effects. Not to mention the intro/outro video scenes too. The more i tinker around with my video editing software programs, the more i learn, discover, and gain more experience/knowledge from. I CERTAINLY spent more than 12 hours creating the video from scratch.

So i see your making an outing soon eh? Hmmmmmmmm....funny you bring this up now. Casue...we might actually meet up yes? What's even more funny is that i reviewed an OLD post of mine not too long ago in "introduce yourself", thread name "Hello, i'm Tiffany". In this thread i created, colleen replied to my thread saying something about how she enjoyed the conversatiosn that we had, message reply conversations. She mentioned something about maybe we could set something p to meet someday. Well.......that MIGHT actually happen!I have, with a gurl friend of mine, scheduled a meet at Janet's Closet on the third week from now, on a Saturday (July 30 2016). NOTHING is set in stone, but is looking good as far as i can see. If i am lucky, we may bump into each other on this day. Keep me posted on your plans as i will do the same. It would be nice to see you! We'll see what happens!

"You did Tiffany proud... she is quite the looker", in regards to Roxy's work:
Uuuuummmm proud, surprised, impressed, shocked, speechless, and mind........BLOWN! Lol.

-Princess Tiffany Heart


"If I was the Principal of your school, I would be making sure that you were always in trouble so that I could give you a good 'spanking!":

OMG!!! ROFLMAO!!! That was sooooooooo fucking funny when i read that Colleen! You sooooooo bad Tongue Damn that was hilarious, thanks for that comment i loved it!

"I hope your efforts impact positively on some of the 'girls who harbour ambitions!":

There is NO hoping, for i know. People ARE being directed to specific threads that i have created WITHOUT interference from myself. And i also know people are learning ALOT from the information i have shared. Information that really helps! When i started out, i had NOTHING to go on. I have created a foundation of information for those whom seek it. To help those in taking the first step out of the closet. To know what it's like, the experiences i have had. And it is WONDERFUL! I want to help! That's why i do what i do. Smile

"Hope that Tiffany continues to grow, even upon your return to work and time still permits Tiffany to have some fun!!"

Tiffany WILL grow, you can BANK on that! As i will expand, explore, discover, and learn even more through all new experiences. As i said, it is NOT the end for Tiffany...NEVER will be for as long as i am alive! Tiffany will still be around while engulfed in work, to be there for those that wish to seek out support/help/assistance from myself. Who knows what the future brings, i hope it's good times!

-Princess Tiffany Heart

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