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unexpected result!
Hello forum people,

I feel compelled to share some experience that came to me today as I plodded through my workday, a totally unanticipated aftereffect of my first public (sort of) appearance in the world (in Janet's Closet store) in my feminine form:  I found myself feeling more confident and motivated in my daily activities!

I was consciously aware of my mind adopting the physical characteristics that manifested themselves during my transformation.  In my mind's eye I was not my usual self at work, I was a woman with the curly hair and the feminine body, and I felt myself being Kelly and acting as her.  This was an amazing feeling I did not expect and I was delighted.  It's as if the freedom I felt while in the makeup studio stayed with me and carried over into my regular life, even though I was no longer in Kelly's clothes and no longer wearing makeup.  Everyone around me was seeing the same old me, inside I was exultant in my newfound life as Kelly.  I don't know if the others could see any change in my demeanor (no one said anything), but wow the feeling I had inside was amazing.

I guess this might be a passing phase, part of the ritual that people go through in the beginning stages of this self discovery/manifestation, and maybe the feeling will come and go. made for a wonderful day and only intensifies this feeling/hope I have, that going further with this transformation might be the key to my further happiness in life. 

(that's it for today) Smile

I love reading this?

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