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my idea about the dynamics here
Kelly, is second life a pay-for-play game?
JodieLynne, the basic membership is FREE, but there are many things you'll want that will cost a small amount. For example, I bought two outfits for my avatar today, at 249 lindens each (for a total of about 500L)...and each outfit has four style variations so it's a bit more like eight new outfits...costing me the equivalent of two US dollars. So you will want to buy things to use and play with in SL, but it's very affordable.
And you need a regular computer or some extremely advanced smartphone to get anywhere in that place. I'm out! Ancient technology won't allow you to advance anywhere. It's funny that you can create an account but you're not warned before hand. (unless I missed something)
hmmmmmm I get addicted to games sooooo easily.
Looks like it could be a great time Jodielynne. It's not really a game actually. It's all real time interaction.
LOL, OK I joined. now what? do we choose a world to meet in?
oh how did I miss this?!?!?

You have an identity there JodieLynne? Ok...this is great but I need to regroup...I have a set of people I hang out with there, who don't know this side of me AT ALL, so I need to make a new account just for this...once I do that, JodyLynne and anyone else who ventures in, we'll figure out how to meet up!

okay I got myself set up. I am KellyVee in SL, and ready to meet JodieLynne and anyone else who wants to "meet".

For the moment I have my log-in point set to a place called Learning Island, which is a good place to practice controlling your movements and learning the features of SL. I look forward to seeing you there!

JodieLynne what is your SL name?
Look for JodieLynne62 in SL. Look forward to meeting y'all there Smile

Right now, I am on Social Island, the next location after the Learning Island.
oh neat!

can't wait to bump into you there (I'm busy now but wil see if I can multitask)

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