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Hello I'm new here and in all things.
Lorrenn you are a doll,
I absolutely love that pic. Your skin is beautiful on film and those shorts look great on you it shows off that smooth ads so well. I even like those lips chiming in at the top there just so sexy. I also love the pink shoes in your profile pic too sooo cute. Girl you just got it all. I hope I do have a lot of fun but I am still sore from my first attempt at a tuck last night. I had a diagram illustrating it all to me and I still must've done it wrong lol . . Sorry I am not sure wht I can and can't talk about on here so if I go too far curb me please. I think I did it all right but got in too much of a hurry when I went to the ladies room. Ok that's as far as I go there. I just thought maybe I could at least get a few giggles out of my misery to me it makes it all the more worth while.

Thank you Jackie as soon as I read your post I went and updated my signature.
Heart Ashlynn Heart
Ok so I decided I did not like that user name so I just went and created a new one with a last name as well.
Heart Ashlynn Rose  Heart
Colleen you are an inspiration, I have been reading Your many posts with great fervor. I just can't wait to try all of your suggestions. Thank you.
Heart Ashlynn Rose  Heart

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