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Wig and lace wig whats the difference?
What is the difference between a wig and a lace wig?
Heart Ashlynn Heart
Thank you Robyn,
So if you want to use that curved adhesive tape that JC sells as a wig accessorie. Buy a lace wig right. So a regular wig is Bobby pinned down or something?
Heart Ashlynn Heart
Thank you I am getting more of a grasp on what direction I want to go with wigs . Your making lace wigs sound better than no lace cause you can trim to fit, use adhesive, or glue. I take it you prefer lace right? I just want to say thank you once again Robyn cause I'm actually getting giddy over just knowing what I want.
Heart Ashlynn Heart
If you can find the attachment I uploaded in my intro post you can see the lace on my wig. I will be trimming that as well, as the wig does fit securely without any pins or tapes or anything.

(never mind trying to find the photo, here is the image: )
Nice look Kelly love the shoes. I am definately going with the lace wig. I can't stop but to admire your little black outfit.
Heart Ashlynn Rose  Heart
Wigs are used as a head covering. A lace front wig is has a sheer lace in the front edges. It provides the illusion of a natural hair line. The lace front wigs are growing popular day by day. My sister has recently ordered a lace front wig for my aunt's marriage. I am sure it is going to give her the most stunning look.

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Wig is a generic term for a product that contains many types of wigs.
According to the material, it can be divided into human hair wigs and synthetic wigs.
If you follow the wig cap form, it can be divided into lace front, full lace, 360 lace, and headband wigs and other types.
Lace wig is a series of wigs with better results, which can create a more perfect hairline for you, including the charming baby hair.
For more details on lace wigs, you can refer to this article, as well as this informative website

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