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Needing some help
Hi girls I'm new at this so I'm looking for some help. Please help me
(08-10-2016, 11:20 AM)TheLola Wrote: Hi girls I'm new at this so I'm looking for some help. Please help me
Hello Lola ? 
Where do we begin? I'm one of the oldest girls here but not the most experienced. I'd be glad to share with you any of my experiences. Just tell me where to begin. Purchases, in/out of the closet, who to tell, etc.

Nicole ???
Welcome Lola just give us some questions or direction for what you want and I'm postive the girls will all be ready to chit chat away!
Heart Ashlynn Rose  Heart
Hi girls well see now. I always dressed up alittle since I was a teen. Just a bra panties dress. I always felt sexy. But now I'm 60 y/o married and the love life is gone. I really been thinking of xdressing complete. Explore my fantasy but I really don't know where to begin. I was hoping to find someone that would help me do this. It really gets me excited thinking about it but I'm really nervous. Any help would be great.
welcome Lola!

I'd suggest starting slowly. Check out the JC web-store and find one or two things you like, maybe a dress, or a skirt & top. Try them out, see how you feel, and then expand your wardrobe.
'Even if you get something simple, and local, like a bottle of nail polish, try painting your nails, see if you enjoy the sensations, and move on (and up! ) from there.
I just wrote down my list lol mostly for budgeting reasons.

Already have thigh high hose
So I went out and bought some make-up and 3 tops and a dress.
Then I bought panties from JC.
Nails and polish followed.
Now here is my list.
Breasts and accessories
Wig and accessories
A dress for evening wear and some pj's
an outfit from jc with a short skirt and maybe a swimsuit to see the gaff
Make-up kit from JC and it comes with a bag yay! My own bag!
Another dress with a short skirt to emphasize my shoes.
More wigs hehe

Also walk like you have a string being drawn taunt throughout your body when you plant each foot. Or, with each step shift your hips to a position of standing on one foot.
And there is solo much more....... Any ways I am new too and this is where I am at.
Heart Ashlynn Rose  Heart

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