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Brerast forms
Has any one tried Janet's forms ?
Yes , stopped off a few months back and purchased a pair form Janet , a good. Value and sales staff a great help
I got mine from Janet's. Although I bought the wrong pair for my body type I will be buying my next pair there as well.
I purchased a set of 44D wide High profile. They are of excellent quality and feel. Only thing I would probably change is maybe go a size smaller. The forms I have purchased in the past have been slightly concave in the back and these are not concave at all. I am somewhat of a big girl and have probably a small B cup of my own, with these I am now a DD or even a F. Needless to say none of my bras fit with these. I have worn them only once because they are just to big for my bras. Be careful with the size (my fault, not JCIs), but otherwise excellent product, excellent price and I have received excellent service from the staff at JCI.
Hi every one I purchase I pair of breast forms and they are still in the mail. I watched all Janet's videos intently. I followed the instructions to the letter. I know when they come it is all going be awesome. My boy friend is away on business and I can't wait to see the look on his face when I have them glued on. I hope they come before my man comes home.
I need to replace a couple pairs of forms.....worn them out. Band size is 50 and looking for to achieve B/C with one pair and a D with the other pair. My natural breast is about an A/AA. One set I have now is too concave and I have to augment it with a 1-cup size enhancer to get to a C. The other is almost flat on the back and does not fit well around the edges as a result.

I was most interested in the in the fitting discussion and wondered if there are other experiences out there.


I bought my breast forms from JC over 3 years ago. I love them! they are the only ones i have ever owned so i really cant compare them to any others on the market. but i do know the price was lots lower than the others i looked at..
They feel so good when i have them on, mine are size 15 a 44DD on me. I think JC has changed the sizing on them some since i bought mine, but not quite sure.. anyway, i do like to sleep with them on, (a big no no).. and now they are getting a little soft or squashy. I am planning on buying a size or two smaller next time, like a 44C.
when i first got them i would glue them on with the adhesive glue, the weight of them hanging on my chest was so realistic, and i enjoyed wearing them bra less with only a thin blouse or tank top on.... after a few hrs of having them on they would begin to move down some, and the adhesive glue irritated my chest for several days. i havent glued them on for a couple of years now, and wear them in a pocket bra.
even though they are getting a little softer and squashy they still make me feel sexy and complete.. just a little older like me i
I presently own four pair of Janet's High Profile breast forms, sizes 6, 11, 12, & 14.
I just got my size 12's in the mail yesterday and they are perfect for the size I wish I was.
All high quality and and well made. Thank You Janet!
I just received my breast forms and I love them. My boy friend came home to see them on me and wow. He wants me to wear them 24/7 and he gave me lovin like I never had before. Thank you Janet!! They feel and look awesome. I bought 36 c cup and I may get bigger ones. I never felt so feminine. If you fallow Janet's instructions you can't go wrong. <!-- sBig Grin --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt="Big Grin" title="Very Happy" /><!-- sBig Grin -->
I also bought my breast forms from Janet as well. I love them! I also bought a few of the bra's from her as well that are perfect for the forms. I love wearing tight blouses and sweaters now that show off my curves! I get a lot of nice looks from men too! Thanks, Suzy

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