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Would it be possible to post ideas for items in store
I would like to see a selection of pocketbooks or makeup bags.  That seems to be the toughest thing to buy, I guess because they are so large to ship.
I have also been shopping JCPenny but there items are shipped in bags with obvious labels.  I could go with Amazon but I have friends and family who work there.  I prefer to stay with JC as the prices are very reasonable and they have treated me right so far.
Hi Julia, and welcome to the JC forum!

Great ideas for new products, hopefully Janet & staff will take it under consideration. In the meantime, is there a Walmart near you? they have a decent selection of handbags & make-up bags, at pretty reasonable prices. And, as a bonus, the 'self-checkout' can be a great way to purchase your items without having to face a cashier. Altho, to be honest, most of them probably don't give a tinkers damn about what people buy - they just want their shift to be over =)
Hello Julia! I'm with Jodielynne about Walmart. I have so much of my wardrobe from them. They have a HUGE selection of anything we girls could ever want if you shop online with them and you get it at fantastically low prices to boot. Their merchandise arrives in plain envelopes and/or boxes. Shop online and you'll save a bundle.
Hi Julia,
I believe I have a solution for most things you wish to buy and have shipped.   If you have something shipped Fedex, you can have it shipped to a local Fedex Office Shop and they will hold it for you for 5 days.  I just recently bought some items from Janets Closet and had it shipped to the attention of Mr. X (me of course) to the street address of a local Fedex Shop where they held it for me.   Like I said, you have 5 days so if you know you are leaving on a trip, time your purchase so that it arrives before you leave or after.  I did not ask what happens on day 6 but I imagine they must send it back.

Fedex says they have an arrangement with Walgreens that you can also have it shipped to a Walgreens location and held for you to pickup.  I called my local Walgreens about this and they were totally clueless about this.  I did not trust them so I had my order from Janets shipped to the Fedex location.

The other carrier you could use is UPS.  I have a local retail hardware store that is a UPS dropoff point that receives UPS shipments and will hold it until I pick it up.   I have used them as well.  I believe you can have a UPS shipment shipped to a UPS Store and they will hold it for you but I think they charge $5 to do this so please contact whichever UPS store you might use and check with them in advance regarding receiving and holding shipments.  Also, if you call UPS, they can probably recommend a local retail shop that receives shipments much like what my hardware store does for me.

just a quick ps to my above need to ship your order to the attention of "your name" because they will want to see your official id before they hand the package over to you.

Looking for this toy. But having trouble finding it and got no response when asked via email

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