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An easier way
It would be nice if you could find an easier way to post pictures. These days nothing will upload and I know for a fact that I'm not the only one having an issue with this. It would be nice to upload photos at the user cp. The photos I would like to upload are the correct size and yet I get the failed to upload, please choose a valid file message. Please correct this problem.
I am also having this problem. I wonder if something has changed in the code that is having an unintended side effect of blocking all uploads. Is there someone we can report bugs and issues to?
any southern girls here?
Thank you very much Colleen. You're a sweetheart. Where does one find the Forum Administrators email address?
Yay! It works! Thank you Colleen for informing the admin of the problem and thank you Trevor for taking immediate action. Looking good in those pics Colleen. It must be wonderful to get to travel the Pacific. It's one of my dreams to be able to do so.
My, you have such an extensive and beautiful wardrobe. It must be wonderful to sample another countries wares. I thank you for the compliment about my new avatar. You can just call me Jackie. I messed up when I went and put the last two initials of my femme name and my age on my registration. I wish I could change it. Thanks again for your help and guidance in these forum threads. You look marvelous! Experimental pics below.

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