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Gurls Day/Night Out! (Michigan)
So I decided to create this thread for EVERYONE to use now and well into the future. This thread is to be used as a posting board if you will of planned/scheduled outings. To address to all that reside within close proximity of any gurl that is going out for the day and/or night to meet up, have company, in the state posted in the title (Michigan). One is a lonely number, 2 is > than 1 which = FUN! There is approx. 2,000 registered users in this forum (at the time of this thread creation), but yet no one knows where anyone lives (residing state). If such information is posted, it involves putting in some work to retrieve such info.

I will be posting up my near future planned schedule for anytime I head out for a day and/or night of fun. If I choose to go alone, I won’t post. Whether it’s going out to Janet’s Closet for a transformation, going out shopping, or heading to the club, I will post it up to inform anyone whom might be interested in joining me, and vice versa. Not just myself, but anyone else that may like to have some company with other gurls. This thread is NOT for my own personal use. This thread is created for use by EVERYONE that chooses to post up, address to everyone, of their upcoming planned events and seeks to have company.

So if YOU live in Michigan and are planning to head out someday and would like company, POST IT UP! You never know who might want to come along.

I will completely understand if no one chooses to utilize this thread as a central hub to post up information of planned/scheduled outings seeking company. I just thought it was a good idea to create such a thread for us gurls to relay information in an effort to meet up in person and have a good time. I for one would love the chance to meet other gurls in the forum. How about you?

WARNING! Post at your own risk!
It is highly recommended to never post up an exact time frames and dates in this thread! Unregistered users (the world) are able to access and read all thread information posted. Such information should be exchanged via PM, unless you don’t mind posting it in this thread. If posting, it is best to give an approximation of a week in a month. Example: 2nd week of September, exact time frame(s) unknown. The choice is yours but you have been warned. It is also a good idea to investigate, using your own various methods, of those interested. Play it safe and be smart! No one likes unwanted company.

The creation of this thread, sole purpose, is for us gurls to meet up and chat, hang out, and do things (activities) together or as a group.  This thread was NEVER created with even the very thought of meeting up for dating and/or sexual encounters! There are other sites for that kind of stuff. I have GREAT respect for Janet and her forum! PLEASE respect this thread’s ultimate intentions! And that is for us to exchange information to meet, hang out, and have a good time as gurls.

-Princess Tiffany Heart
So I am planning on having yet another transformation and outing that will be in the first week of October, on a Saturday. I am comfortable with revealing the exact day, but time frames will be restricted in this post. Nothing I say about my scheduling is ever official, set in stone, as it is a little bit early for me to ultimately declare that my plans are guaranteed at this point.  But will know for sure 1 week prior to my planned schedule, and will post it in here. I plan on making an entire day, and late night, of my outing. I will be partnering up with a gurl whom shall be nameless for possible confidential reasons as I have made no attempt to acquire clearance. I have recently acquired a new and very nice elegant gold and black long dress that I will be wearing. Will also get the same transformation look I had back when I had my first ever full transformation. It will go perfect with my dress and overall look. First stop is Janet’s Closet. Second stop will be at AA. And the third and final stop is a secret! I choose to withhold the last destination, but will note that it will be something new for me. The release of this information, last destination, will be revealed to those whom are present on this day in person. No tricks, no funny business, no worries. So if any gurls in the area wanna come along, PM me or post up a reply in here. If those seeking to be silent but will show up unannounced/unexpected, that is fine too. If you see me, please introduce yourself to me! I would love to meet you!
So come on gurls! Let’s posse up and have a good time! No need to be shy and/or afraid. You will be amongst friends with similar interests. Hope I can go out and hope to see YOU there!

-Princess Tiffany Heart
So far i have 3 gurls that will be going, including myself will be 4 total. I choose to withhold the identities of these gurls for the protection of their privacies as i have not sought permission to address such identities. Location(s) of appearances and time frames are also withheld. I will post an update as the numbers increase. Such confirmations of appearances of gurls are NEVER 100% guaranteed, so will see. Gonna go ahead and see if i can wrangle up some more gurls!

-Princess Tiffany Heart
So as of right now everything looks good for me to be 1 of the 4 gurls for this outing. It sounds like its gonna be a great time and I cant wait!

Yes, i am looking forward to it and hope it to be fun and a great time too Kell! Though I may be coming off a bit optimistic about the end result being positive, I will always be pessimistic in virtually any situation. But it’s ok, as I will still go out and have a great time even alone regardless. Like I said, the more gurls that are present, the more fun we will all have. I foresee no complications on my end to this planned date. But should any arise, then I wish all gurls to have a great time! I will post up 1 week prior to the date, of my schedule status and possibly other additional information pertaining to MYSELF only. At this point I am still awaiting confirmation from one gurl’s appearance and an unknown confirmation from another (will have to look into). 4 for sure and 2 possible.

-Princess Tiffany Heart
The tally has increased! Tack on 1 to the list. So far the number is now 5 total. I am waiting on 3 other gurls, confirmations. Am still browsing around looking for more gurls to come join us all. The more the merrier!

-Princess Tiffany Heart
Wish I lived close enough to join for any outings. Would really like to meet up with some similar people but I live in northwest Ohio so it would be quite a drive for me :/
>sigh< Too far from the action. As Colleen said: Lots of pics and juicy stories Ladies!
For sure! I should have a lengthy story, tons of pics, and of course a video too. I am hoping for a big turn out on this day, alot of gurls showing up. Will see what happens. So far my numbers have not changed, increased/decreased. Six more days and counting! I will post up more information pertaining to myself (plans) in regards to October 1st on friday, i will not share information about others.

-Princess Tiffany Heart
Well, add another 1 to the tally! So as it stands, i am expecting 6 to 8 gurls to show up (including myself). But could be alot more. I am expecting 2 gurls to show up at JC (not including myself of course). As for all the other gurls, unknown as to where they will be, show up. I would expect everyone to be chillin' at AA for sure.

So here are MY plans on this day for those that may be interested:

I will be at JC at 10am (open time) so i have a hour to get myself ready for my full transformation (makeup application) which is scheduled for 11am. When the makeup application is completed, at 11:45am - 12noon, then i will have my 1 hour photo shoot (from 12noon to 1pm). I don't mind sharing my photo shoot with any one that is interested. I may hang around for an hour after the photo shoot as i think AA opens at 2pm. I will chill/conversate with any gurls that show up. Then i will head out to AA and chill there for a while. Then later in the evening, may head off to another location.

I know it's early but BRING YOUR UMBRELLA if your going out (JC\AA) as rain is predicted for Saturday. This is Michigan so who knows right. I hope it doesn' rain.
Today is Wednesday (happy hump day lol), so 2 more work week days left till F-U-N!
-Princess Tiffany Heart

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