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Hello i'm new
Hello everyone I am a new member and I guess pretty shy so I probably won't put too much about myself but I am Tori and I'm MTF transgendered, 22 years old, mostly closeted and own next to no feminine clothing so I am pretty new to this all. I am looking to start dressing female in privacy and thought this would be a helpful start to my journey. I like to talk about clothing, makup and just about anything feminine yet because I was raised male and have almost all male family and friends I know next to nothing about it all so please be gentle lol. Thanks and I look forward to metting a lot of cool people! :Smile
Welcome to the forum Tori! Enjoy your time, make friends and remember: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Hello Tori and welcome. I think many/most/probably All of us here understand your feelings and hesitations. This is a good place to learn and grow, and find supportive advice.
You are going to meet the coolest of cool people here. Welcome Tori and I am most curious to know how you chose that as your femme name. We're ALL friends here so please don't be shy. There are many threads and posts here that will help you to be the girl you want to be. There are many girls here that want to help you be the girl of your dreams too. We welcome you with open arms. I'm most pleased you're here. We won't let you down. The girl of your dreams just might be you.

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