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Hi, I'm Casey
I'm 59 and discovered a few years ago that I had this desire to crossdress. I went to a local group a couple years ago and had a wonderful time. Why I didn't go back is kind of a long story. My wife thinks I'm bi-, which may be true, but I've never really had the opportunity to find out.

I'm totally closeted. I manage to dress a bit in the couple hours before my wife gets up in the morning. I have a few things I got from Janet's but that's about it. So now I'm stuck in this dark spot which is frustrating and ultimately makes me angry.

I wasn't going to join this forum until I read a couple threads and discovered many others in a very similar situation and share the same thoughts. Which, I get, is kind of the point. This comment in particular is on the mark: 'I am curious as to how i would look after the transformation process.'

I've rewritten this about ten times, so here goes.

HI Casey, welcome!

I understand that bit about wondering if you are bi but not having a chance to find out. It can be that opaque, given the brainwashing we all get about the birds and the bees (with precious little information about non-hetero topics). I feel completely closeted myself, and this forum has given me some ways to explore and share my inner feelings with like-hearted people. You've taken a first step, a good one, now settle in and join some conversations, meet some more of us.

I hope this forum gives you some freedom to explore yourself more, and have fun too!
Hi Casey best way is to be honest to your self & your wife.Keeping this bottled up inside isnt doing you or your marrage any good, your true feelings about cd. I know it might be hard to find the right moment to tell her but as she thinks your bi any way just be upfront with it & the way cross dressing makes you feel. You might see her in a diferant way & she may help you by making you look fem enough to go out together.
All the best
vickie b

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