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Hello, I'm casey
My name is Casey and I am new here. I have been dressing since I was a teenager but have kept it private until a few years ago. I have confided with one or two people about it throughout my life but usually just kept it private. I got married (for a second time) 6 years ago and did not tell her. I had a rather decent size collection of clothes which I threw away because she didn't know and I knew she would not approve. However, I came out to her a couple of years ago and it has been difficult. She is trying to be accepting of my dressing, but it is a large challenge for her. I also had to admit to her that I am bi as well which has made it even more difficult. I do have some panties and a chemise which I wear on occasion but I desire to increase my collection again. I just have to hide it from my child who is old enough to not understand. There are no real support groups of people that I can hang out with in my area. I am well known in the community and to come out in public would have major dire consequences for me and my family. Needless to say it is a difficult situation to be in and I am confident there are others here who have been or are in similar circumstances. My wife tries to be understanding but, as I said, it is difficult for her. If anyone knows of groups, people, shops etc. in Va. that work with our community that would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to communicating with other like myself. I have a deep desire to spend an entire weekend as a woman, including going out in public. I shared this with my wife yesterday and the verdict is still out on her opinion. Any and all advise is welcome.
On anlother note, I enjoy browsing your online shop and look forward to purchasing your products soon.

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