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Re-post Introduction
I am reposting my introduction because I put the 1st one in the wrong place. Sad
Hi  My name is Joanne. I have been a closeted CD'er for more that 50 years. I am 64 y.o., married, 3 grown children, and 6 grandkids.  My S.O. of 43 yrs. as always known that I enjoyed moderate underdressing, but until just recently she has discoved how deep the desire goes. I am very open with her, but I do not push her to participate, or even accept. She has told me I could go shopping and possibly attend a Crossdresser "In" meeting with a Grand Rapids Group. So, the saga begins! I do not need to tell you how depressing it is to have these feelings and not be able to act on them. Inside, I am a Joanne. On the outside I am a Construction worker, shaved head, full beard, (coming off for my outing), broad shoulders, hairy chest and legs, and a beer belly. No one has ever known my inner side, except now my wife, and this forum. 
So, on Saturday I made the short drive to Janet's Closet. I have been there a few times before, but I would sneek around and not make eye contact with anyone, and even checked the door before I left to make sure no one was looking. This time it was different! I was on a mission because I needed "things" for my first outing. I proudly walked in, went right to the counter and said to the girl, "I have my first outing planned at a Christmas party in December, I need a wig, breast forms, and a bra". Well,  for the first time in my life, I had a feeling of freedom, joy, liberation and excitement all wrapped up into one package. I wasn't embarrassed, and I was finally expressing who I have always been inside. The next best thing about this visit, the girl I talked with was ROXY! I am old enough to be her Grandpa, but she helped my soo much! I pointed out the wig I thought would look good. HA-HA! After out 8 different selections, she had me try on one more. PERFECT! Not too long, not to short. Next the breast forms, foam or silicone she said. I don't know, what do you think? "Silicone" she said, "what about a bra"?   I don't know, what do you think? Well, she picked it out, even helped me put it on, (those things are heavy) It felt so good to have realistic breasts! I was in state of complete bliss!  After 2 hours of this blissful state, I had to head home. Final shopping cart, wig, pocket bra, silicon forms ( 46D), corset, and the red pumps, size 11, with 3" heels!  Wow, what a day! I have only dreamed about being able to do this! Now I have.
I can't say enough about how Roxy treated me! Total respect and understanding. She even said when the day of my outing comes, I should return to the store for a complete make over, and she would help me get transformed into the women I have always felt inside. Just think, a complete make over, and then drive three hours (fully em-fem) to Grand Rapids for the Holiday get together. I may have to stop for gas on the way!! Oh well!  ROXY is the Greatest!!! 
For any of you closeted gurlz out there who may not have experienced this blissful feeling, don't be embarrassed. Go spend an hour or 2 browsing at Janet's Closet.  Ask for ROXY, tell her Joanne sent ya!

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