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Outstate Makeup Artists
I am attending a CD support group meeting in Grand Rapids next month. This will be my first time going out dressed experience. I visited JC to purchase some much needed transformation items, and Roxy was such a big help. She suggested I come back for a makeover on the day of my outing. Problem is, it is a hour and a half drive to JC, in the wrong direction. Does anyone know of a CD friendly makeup artist in the Grand Rapids or Lansing area? Kalamazoo would also work. It would be a 3 1/2 drive from Janet's up to the event, then another 2 hours back home afterwards.
Makeup artists are very artistic and creative people. They are also very hardworking and dedicated to their profession. They know how to use make up and related products in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Makeup Artists are like artists in general because they are able to express themselves through their work. I would recommend this bestessay site for hiring best makeup artists. I feel like they should be more appreciated by society especially because they are such talented people!

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