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Hello World!
Hi everybody,
Been crossdressing all my life since i was about 9. Still consumes my life and i would love to transition but time, circumstances and family against me.....i know we can keep making excuses as i am doing! Tongue 
After 2 divorces and many years of angst and depression, my only advice is to listen to your heart. I so much regret not following my heart when young. I was conditioned to 'man up' and 'get a family' so please do not make the same mistakes i made, live your dreams and go get 'frocked' Big Grin 
Hopefully i can make up for a lot of lost time and always happy to have a girly chat and love making new friends,
hugs & kisses to you all
Lisa Williams xx
Heart Heart Heart Heart
Welcome Lisa, and thank you for sharing your story & words of wisdom! But remember, it's never to late to spread your wings!!

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