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Hello Girls!
        So hi! well i'm 35 and have just recently decided to give in on wanting to be a tgirl, been thinking about this since i was really young but never did anything about it, i am on here hoping to find some help and meet like minded girls, any way i have some outfits,heels and a wig, attempted to do my own makeup last night and it was not good lol, any advice on how to walk in heels and what kind of outfits would look best and the correct way to put on makeup would be greatly appreciated!! I want this more than anything, ordered female hormones from here the other day and can't wait to start them, well any help would be great TY Heart¬†oh and I go by Kendra.
Welcome to the forums Kendra! I hope you enjoy your time here & make lots of new friends. And please, feel free to ask any questions you have; we're a pretty helpful & friendly bunch.

I'm sorry, did you say you ordered hormones from Janet's?

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