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A favorite fantesy
(02-21-2020, 02:07 PM)pantygurl1963 Wrote:
(02-06-2020, 03:06 PM)Slutboy57 Wrote:
(11-27-2016, 10:08 AM)Pennycdtv1 Wrote: Well right now I am planning on showering and shaving, especially my chest.  I am so excited to glue on my breast forms and put on my lovely pink lace bra and matching panties.  I plan on going out shopping for stuff, but will have all this under my regular man clothes.  I will have on my neutral gurl pants and a cute top, but will have on a jacket for cover up.  But it is going to be erotic as I just love to go out fully dressed. The fantasy kicks in as I am out and about.  I am in a different world, as Penny takes over completely.  I just cant refuse as this part of me gives in easily to the desire to dress.  I totally wish that as I am out, I don't notice that I am being watched by an admirer. Thinking that I am on my own, I get a friendly  bump and as I turn to say excuse me, this person is like kind of staring at me and I notice that it is on purpose.  He says to me that he has been attracted to me and has noticed my appearance and femininity as I was shopping.  Now here is my chance to just blow this guy away as weird, but something inside of me actually is attracted by his boldness and I kinda want things to progress if at all. So I say why thank you for noticing.  That breaks the ice and we strike up a conversation.  Walking together, I feel comfortable as he gets a bit of aggressive and asks me to go for a drink. I don't know what to say but I do consent, cause something is coming over me.  We agree to a bar and I meet him there, all the time thinking I should just not even stop. But we continue our conversation and he continues his aggressiveness, by stroking my thigh and sitting very close.  He's continuing to compliment me and I find his strategy staring to break down my bearier , and I am finding myself enjoying this as he continues to hypnotize me with his words.  Something is coming over me and I feel loosing control of my integrity.  I am staring to feel like putty in his hands. He convinces me to meet him at his place to look at some interesting things.  Nice apartment building and as I approach his room, I keep saying to myself that turn around and leave, this could be my last chance, but I keep going and as I approach his door, it opens and he invites me in so I accept.  He already has a drink poured and takes my coat.  He also notices my nervousness and proceeds to calm me a bit.  There is some music on and a gay movie on the TV.  He starts pointing out a few things to me as he comes up behind me, very close.  I can feel his hands on my body, softly rubbing and he starts nibbling on my neck.I am starting to feel a rush, unlike nothing I have ever felt before and start touching him back.  He turns me around and we start kissing and now I am about to fold in as my heart is pumping, and I cant believe I am getting into it.  I am thinking that this guy is a pro and I am like butter in his hands.  his hands are now all over me and he directs one of my hands to his croach and I feel his hard member and I am thinking wow, and I start rubing , as I cant believe what I am feeling inside my head and with my hand.  I am thinking that he is huge. He starts to undo his pants and underware and directs my head towards his stiff erection and I go down to my knees and start caressing his member with my hands and he pulls my head towards his stiff erection.I know I have wet my lips, and things star happening very fast.  I take his erection into my awaiting mouth and start licking with my tongue.  I can say that the taste was rather addicting and I found myself starting to enjoy the experience, and now was concentrating on trying to do a good job sucking, keeping enough saliva available to make things smooth.  I can tell he was enjoying as he was breathing and moaning. I kept thinking that he is really enjoying and that he must think that I know what I am doing. And I thought that I was doing a good job not thinking of what is about to happen next. He pulls me up and as he is kissing me he also is unbuttoning my pants, and I am too breathing now very heavily.  I am dizzy and loving what he is doing to me.  My pants off and now he proceeds to undo my panties, all the time telling me how wonderful I am and how much he wants me. Ifind myself in the bedroom and he lays me on my back, all the time still kissing my lips and neck and I am returning his advances. He has me on my back and my hands are straight above my head and he is on top of me.  I am dizzy and I feel like I have never felt before, and I know I cant tell right from wrong.  The I feel something on by pussy ass, like wetness. He then starts to arch a bit and I feel his erection between my legs, probing and pushing.  He keeps telling me on how wonderful everything is and how hot I make him feel.  He wants me so badly and starts to probe my pussy as with his erection, keeping me occupied with his constant kissing.  Before I know it I can now feel him to start to penetrate me, and his words keep telling me to relax and how much I am going to enjoy what is about to happen. I know I cant stop him now, but I am not sure that I want to.  He's mesmerizing me and before I know it I can feel his balls on the inside of my thighs.He says hes in and now starts to work me , rhythmly  going in and out.  My hands still held above my head by his hands, we are passionately kissing and I can feel he is realy into it and I find my self welcoming him inside of me and also am tying to produce a rhythm of myself as we both are now hard at it, with one common thing on our minds ,Orgasim,.  I feel him tightening up a bit and am thinking this could be it, as I am too going insane with pleasure.  I hear him moan and slow down n a bit, and thaen a gasp as I feel him come inside of me, I cnat believe it as I am coming too totally enjoying everything and exhausted and satisfied, thinking that this ws a wonderful expierance.

Love your story! My 1st time with a CD was at a gay bar.  Met a beautiful gurl  and she was aggressive in talking me into joining her in the parking lot. I finally agreed  and followed her out back to her RV!  I noticed that several people in the bar were smiling,  and I just thought they were having a good time. She asked if I had ever been with a gurl like her and I told her no..but it was exciting.   She informed me, as she was taking my pants off that she was in charge...i said ok wondering where this was going.  When she had me completely naked she showed me a pair of crotch less panties and put them on me.   She was wearing a garter belt and stockings, panties and a corset.  We started kissing and her hands roamed freely all over me! She fi ally got on top of my chest and undid her panties, letting her large cock fall in my face.  She forced me to open my mouth and take her in.  After a few minutes she turned around and begin to kiss my dick and play with my ass, sliding her lube finger in and out.  She abruptly stood up stepped off the bed grabbed my legs and pushed them up, scooting my ass to the edge of the bed 
  I remember she told me " Now I'm going to fuck you slut!"  She slowly slid her cock into me and I gasped as it went in.  She continued to build rhythm until I felt her stiffen her cock pulsing and the warm flood of her cum inside me.  When she.pulled out, I gasped and came all over myself.  She put her cock back in my mouth after wiping off and made me suck the cum from it, the whole time feeding me what was on my chest. After cleaning up and feeling used, which I didn't know how to deal with then we returned to  the bar. When we walked in people looked at us some clapping, knowing what I had just done!I remember blushing and feeling humiliated but accepted.   After a dri k I had to use the restroom and I felt cum dripping out of me.  So I went I to the stall and sat down (no door on it), did my thing then a guy walks in standing at the door of the stall and asks how I enjoyed being fucked like she did.  I stammered a bit then said I actually liked it! He stepped forward and pulled out his 6" cock and I quickly sucked him to completion...needless ti say I returned several times and sucked more cock and got fucked a few more times, once over a bar stool after closing !
I wanted to tell you this as it began my journey into being a total slut and now into wear panties and considering to wear more!  Good luck with your journey!

loved your story so much slutboy, I want to find that bar

really enjoyed your fantasy pennycdtv1
has me hard just thinking about it

Sorry but that bar was torn down for new retail space and low income housing!  Slutboy
Hot story, fun for all.
My mistress is preparing me for this moment practicing oral twice a day on a dildo. Also gradually increasing the size of my butt plug. Can't wait to one day rub panties with a other sissy till we are hard.

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