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I  scheduled my transformation with Dani, I arrived a little early just so I could look around the store and was welcomed with open arms by Roxy who said that Dani was on her break.  I told Roxy that it was not a problem and would just look at all of the dresses, wigs, shoes and everything that was available for crossdressers.  About half an hour of window shopping, Dani came up and introduced herself and asked if I had any questions, and suggested that I bring the dress and shoes that I had. She was very caring and made me feel at home and took away any nervous feeling that I had.  She help me pick out the breast forms and the pocket bra and suggested that I put the dress on and she was very complementary when she saw the dress, shoes and jewelry that I was wearing.  She actually tried on 3 different wigs and it was such a feeling of see what I would look like. She was very professional in applying the makeup and made sure that I could actually look like a women.  After she had completed the makeup, she took a number of photo, which were very nice and hope that I can upload to the forum after I receive them.  I am writing this completed dressed and it is amazing the feeling of having breasts that actually look good.    I would like to thank Janet for having a place like this for all crossdressers and for a staff that make anyone in the store feel like a women.   Erin Smile

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