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Hi, I'm Bobbi
I am a full time crossdresser working on transition. My first time of putting on female clothing I was 10 or 11. Always had more female friends and kinda knew I was different. I went full time about 1 year ago, and now I have quit lying to myself,and at 70, have started on the road to transition. At my age surgery is out of the question. I will go as far as I can.
My marriage failed after 38 years due, partially, to feeling like the girl I am and hiding it from my wife. I think we are both happier now.
I am and will always be,
Bobbi no matter what your age is, the destination is always worth the journey.
Bobbi, I met my wife back in ' 84, we had a good life together till she pass in 2013. I was honest and upfront about myself. She knew and accepted me. We were planning my transitioning tll she became ill. When it happened I went into a bad place inside myself. But my boyfriend has helped me to live again. Now I'm seeking help from a I can transition. Mature older women like yourself give me hope. Thank you.

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