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2 for 1 at the rest area

Just wanted to relate another of my experiences while being dressed up.  I have always loved to cruise rest areas as there always seems to be horny guys in there after dark.  Some bi, gay or even straight acting, but all of them wanting to give or receive a blow job or at the very least, a good hand job.  As I said in my previous story, my favorite thing to show off in are hot pants / short-shorts as they clearly reveal my long legs and cute little ass. 

It was a couple years ago on a warm summer evening when I decided to take a ride after having a couple of drinks and was feeling sexy and got in my 'show off' mode.  I slipped into a skimpy little pair of sheer nylon, powder blue bikini panties trimmed in white lace, the matching front closure bra, a very short, snug pair of white hot pants with two snaps in the front and a pink button down top that was tied at my waist, along with a pair of white 3" heels with ankle straps.  I started getting hard ( and wet ) just walking out to my car and listening to my heels click on the concrete driveway.  I was really in a cock teasing mode and had to concentrate and be careful not to cum in my panties before I even left the house!

I live in the country and the closest rest area is only a few miles away on a two lane road.  It's not a big one with running water, a welcome center and all of that. Rather, this one is basically a pull off spot with ample parking, pit toilets and a dusk to dawn light between the men's and women's toilet and a couple of picnic tables.  

I was a little disappointed when I pulled in as there was just one car and a semi truck parked. They were both dark and looked as though they were sleeping. After all, it was a week night but I was hoping for more traffic in there.  I figured, oh well, I would probably just end up going back home and jacking off.

I was getting ready to leave when I noticed the empty fast food bag and drink cup on the passengers side floor that I had left there the day before. I decided to get out and put it in the trash can by the picnic tables before I left. 

As I walked to the trash can, my heels clicking on the pavement, the driver of the semi truck flashed his parking lights on and off a couple times, then gave me a 'pretty girl' whistle. The trash can was right under the dusk to dawn light and I spent a little extra time bent over while I deposited the bag, giving him a good long look. His whistle turned me on and I put a nice wiggle in my walk for him on my way back to the car, hoping he liked it. 

Sure enough, I no sooner got back in my car when I heard the door of his truck close. He walked over, stood by my open window and rested his hand on my shoulder.  We made a little small talk as his hand wandered, eventually undoing the top two buttons of my blouse and tweaking one of my rock hard nipples with his fingertips through the lacy cup of my bra. Then he started talking sexy to me as he continued feeling me up. 

"You made me so hard watching you walk over to that trash can baby, I thought I was going to cum right in my pants."
"Well, that would be a waste," I smiled, as he undid the last two buttons of my blouse and slipped it off my shoulders. 
"Mmmmmm, very pretty bra. Are you wearing the matching panties?" 
"Yes," I confessed. "Would you like to see them?"  
"Oh yeah, honey! I'd also like to see your mouth full of my hard cock, would you show me that too?"  

Rather than answer him, I unsnapped my shorts and slid them down over my hips letting him see my nice hard cock straining to get out of my little lace panties. That's when I saw the dome light come on in the only other car that was there. I was hoping it wasn't a cop or something, but I was so hot at that point, I guess I didn't really care. 

Mr. trucker opened my door, unzipped his pants and presented me with a beautiful 7" rock hard, throbbing cock dripping with pre cum.  He put his hand on the back of my head pulling me toward it, and I opened wide.  As I took him into my mouth I noticed a shadow pass in front of my car and knew it had to be the person in the other car but I was so intent on sucking this truck driver off, I just kept at it. With my hands on his hips in just my bra and panties, I was sucking his cock with a passion when all of a sudden my passenger door opened.  It was the guy from the other car and without saying a word, he slid across the seat, sat next to me and began jacking me off while kissing my neck and whispering in my ear, telling me how sexy I was and that he wanted his cock in my mouth too.  He took my right hand and placed it on his crotch as he unzipped his jeans and took his cock out for me. It was about the same size as my trucker friend but much thicker and I wrapped my hand around it and slowly stroked it for him while I continued to suck the horny truck driver. 

I could feel Mr. Truckers cock swelling in my mouth and was getting ready to take his load when he shouted out a demand. 

"Turn around and get on your hands and knees baby! I want to cum all over your hot little ass while I watch you suck his cock."  

I was a little paranoid because the dome light in my car was on with the door open and I didn't know if someone else might pull in.  But I do like showing off, so I did as he said.  The car guy gladly re-positioned himself as I got up on all fours and went down on him with my legs, heels and panty covered ass basically hanging out the drivers side of my car. 

It wasn't long before it was a shower of cum.  Jacking off with one hand and slapping my ass cheeks with the other, the trucker started moaning and gushing all over the back of my panties as I swished my ass side to side for him while the car guy put the first strong shot of his load right down my throat as I jacked off and came all over his upper thighs ( and the seat of my car! )  

So anyway, that's why I enjoy cruzin' the rest areas.  Well hung guys really turn me on and am still waiting to please that 8, 9 or 10 inches that I know are out there...might even be tempted to mount something that size!

Luckily you had that trash handy Ronnie, or else you would have missed out!

Very hot story!!
Thank you for telling your story Ronnie.  You make me wish I had been there in your place.
loved reading your experience! would like to try the same some time

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