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Hollister adhesive question
I received mine and had to immediately had to try it. I was surprised when it came out as a stream, not a spray mist, as I expected. If this normal or did I just happen to get a bad spray head? This is just curiosity on my part as I really like it and will continue using until my body allows me to go without forms.

It's supposed to come out in a stream. Janet has a video of the adhesive on the breast forms page of her website. I have tried other breast form adhesives, only to have it burn and blister my skin, I have yet to try the Hollister adhesive, hopefully that won't harm my skin.
I've tried the Hollister Adhesive, and experienced no problems with burns or irritations. And the remover works well, just remember to use enough or you'll end up with gluey spots on the forms and your chest!

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