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First Post
Hello everyone,
I'm Connor, but I can go by Connie as well. I've been cross dressing "officially" for about a year now. I am about as liberal with my orientation as I am with my choice of clothing. For me, being fem has given me a new understanding of myself that has given me more comfort and confidence in who I. I have always been seen as flamboyant, and I have always been okay with that; but now I feel like I don't have anything holding me back. I dance "like a girl" because that's how I like to dance. If I want to put on a beautiful dress when I play music I will.
All this being said I'm still pretty in the closet. My girlfriend knows, and is so great, but other than that I haven't told anyone. I bought all of my fem clothes in person though. For me, confidence in how I feel and dress is just as important as how I feel and dress.
I've read a bunch on the forum for a few months now, and I don't know how much I'll be writing, but I love the support from this community and it is the only public outlet I have.
I look forward to continue hearing from and learning through all you gals!  Smile
Welcome Connie! >HUGS< I hope you make a lot of friends here, the girls are one big happy family! Enjoy, learn, grow!

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