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First time poster
Hello everyone!  39 year old CD here.  I've been dressing for a few years now, but nothing consistant due to Wife not being a fan.  I love going to Janets Closet shopping and I went there today.  They are opening up a bondage/fetish store right next door!!!   As a bondage enthusiast. I can't wait until they have both stores all set up and ready to go!!  I can't wait to see what they will have there!!
Welcome to Janet's closet. They were working on that portion a few weeks ago when I stopped in but I wasn't sure what they were doing with that section. Sounds exciting.... I guess I need to make another trip there and besides, I want to purchase a new set of brest forms,,, going a little bigger this time. Bondage.... never thought too much about that, but hey, sounds fun. I'm in.... 
Lorren  Heart
@Keepie01 (Jenna):

Yeah, i know what your talking about. When i had my 6th transformation back in) October 1, 2016, i discovered this new area in JC. In fact, here is an excerpt from my posted message, short story of my experience, of my outing on that day....

"Janet expanded her sales floor with a new addition, on the opposite side of the building, selling BDSM type merchandise. For now till after Halloween, it’s called the “Dungeon”. Tiffany is not interested in BDSM, but did check out the area."
-Location: Introduce Yourself - Hello, I'm Tiffany! - Page 4

It's a whole area that is dedicated to BDSM stuff. When i was there, some of the staff (Roxy and Lexi) where keeping busy doing work in the area. I am pretty sure all work is done by now, area fully setup.

Princess Tiffany Heart

I do really enjoy being tightly Bali d and gagged, although I do understand it's not everyone's idea of fun. Janets Closet was busy so one of the IT girls took me over there. She was very friendly and we talked a lot about how she didn't know about this BDSM stuff, but they had a photo shoot the other day and she had a ball wearing some of the stuff. I can't wait to go back!!

Oops! I meant bound & gagged in that first line. Feel free to send me a PM if you want to chat!

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